Message from Gil: Spring Is Officially Here And Lawns Are Thriving

Spring is officially here and lawns are thriving during National Lawn Care Month

Spring is officially here! The warm weather of the past two weeks is a vast improvement over the rainy and cloudy conditions of the past three winter months. We are delighted to see Virginia Green customers outside, mowing their lawns for the first time and working on their landscapes. Being outside on a beautiful Virginia Green lawn with flowers blooming, birds chirping, and tree’s leafing out remains something special. 


Message from Gil: Spring Has Sprung a Bit Late - But It’s Finally Here!

Spring is finally here, and at Virginia Green, we're all geared up and excited. It's the perfect time to get those lawns looking fantastic!

This year, with spring's delayed arrival, our eagerness to get started has only grown. Our Service Leaders are busy watching the grass turn a lush green, and we're seeing our customers begin to spend more time outside. It's a busy season for us, and we're ready to ensure everyone's lawns are top-notch.


Message from Gil: 2024 Is off to a Great Start

So far, 2024’s winter weather has been cooperative despite excessive rain. The good news is all the products our Virginia Green service leaders apply need to be watered into the soil, so this eliminates a step for our homeowners. We have been outside working when we can, with Virginia Green Service Leaders pulling soil samples, sending these to Waypoint Labs in Memphis, and getting the results back to our customers much faster than in previous years.


Protecting Your Garden from Cold Weather

Cold weather can be a silent enemy to your garden, often causing unseen damage to plants, trees, and shrubs. Many gardeners overlook this issue, only to find signs of harm in the spring. Wilting leaves and a sparse canopy might surprise you in an otherwise lush season, and you may notice defoliation weeks after a brief cold spell. The root cause? Water management within the plant.