What Happens to Your Lawn in Winter?

In Virginia, grasses go dormant and have a tan appearance in the winter. Shorter days and colder temperatures typically slow down grass growth and turn the lawn a tan/brown color. This will occur with all grass types, including Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass.

Is lawn dormancy normal?

Lawn dormancy is normal, and we should expect our lawns to be off-color in the winter. By properly preparing our lawns now, we can expect outstanding color and growth in the spring.  


Fall Weeds in the Lawn

Are You seeing fall weeds in your lawn?

As we transition into fall, the focus is on planting and growing grass. Summers can be tough on our cool season lawns and now is the time to repair any injuries from the summer and plant Tall Fescue to thicken up our lawns. This is done through the process of aeration and seeding and is the most important step to keep your lawn dense, healthy and weed-free!


Winter Annuals In Virginia

What Winter Annuals Are In Virginia? 

One would think that during the winter in Virginia, lawns should be weed free and slow to grow. While slow growing is certainly a probability, certain weeds enjoy the colder temperatures and will seem to be persistent throughout the harshness of our winter. It may seem like some weeds are indestructible, but we assure you they are not! Naturally, even when treated with the proper herbicides, the environment can help to preserve these lawn invaders for a bit longer than desired.


What are Ladybugs Doing in My House!

Why Are Ladybugs In My House During the Winter?

Ladybugs tend to seek warmth to hibernate during the cold winter months, entering your house through small cracks along windowsills, doorways, and under clapboards. Ladybugs gather in groups when they hibernate, so if you don’t repair/seal their entranceways, you are more than likely going to see more. They prefer humidity, but homes are usually dry during the winter so if you’ve ever found a dried-up ladybug, it’s because of dehydration.


Weed Control Needed Early To Beat Weeds

Is Weed Control Needed Early to Beat Weeds? 

Yes! Pre-emergent for lawns and beds prevents future annual grasses and broadleaf weeds from germinating during the growing season. These products work best when applied in advance, so the timing of the application is important. In Virginia, generally the best time to apply these products is in February and early March. Don’t wait for the Forsythia to bloom, as this may be too late. 


Virginia Green Vs Home Joe

Having a nice lawn shows you care about the home you live in and the neighborhood you are a part of. Well-kept lawns add value not only to your home but the ones around you. It becomes a place to gather and for children to play. 

Richmond Lawn Care Experts 

Starting and maintaining a nice lawn requires a lot of input. Many homeowners find this a rewarding experience. Others may find it full of potholes. Virginia Green Lawn Care can provide a cost-effective solution for homeowners in the difficult climate of Richmond, VA.