With all of the moisture we’ve been seeing in our area, lots of customers are calling asking about mushrooms on their lawn. The most popular reaction is, “Mushrooms are a fungi and this cannot be good for my lawn!” Well, this is incorrect. They’re actually good guys in the ecosystem of your yard. If you have mushrooms, look on the bright side. Mushrooms are an indication that your lawn has a lot of organic material in the soil. Mushrooms help break down that organic material and make your soil more productive.

Mushrooms thrive in shady and moist areas. Trimming tree branches and allowing some sunlight will help. If that is not an option for you, then simply cutting them down when you see them is all you have to do. Mushrooms do not need to be treated. Eventually, they will die out and you won’t see them any longer. Keeping the areas where they grow raked and aerated will allow better drainage and you will see them less. Watering your lawn in the morning is key also. Never water in the afternoon or evening. Watering later in the day can leave your soil too moist for too long, which encourages fungus growth. With morning watering, the daytime heat will help to evaporate some of the moisture and discourage mushrooms and various other fungi that can harm your lawn.

If you would like further information about mushrooms or ways to manage them, please give us a call at 804-285-6200 in the Richmond area, 757-258-1788 in Williamsburg, 434-975-0100 in Charlottesville or 540-903-2593 in Fredericksburg. We are always happy to provide the best information possible to our customers!