Message from Gil: Spring Is Officially Here And Lawns Are Thriving

Message from Gil

Spring is officially here and lawns are thriving during National Lawn Care Month

Spring is officially here! The warm weather of the past two weeks is a vast improvement over the rainy and cloudy conditions of the past three winter months. We are delighted to see Virginia Green customers outside, mowing their lawns for the first time and working on their landscapes. Being outside on a beautiful Virginia Green lawn with flowers blooming, birds chirping, and tree’s leafing out remains something special. 

Our service leaders have been busy with a variety of tasks. We are currently initiating our All-Natural Pest Control services in all markets, aiming to protect you, your home, and your animals from nuisance outdoor pests. Virginia Green service leaders are also occupied with applying lime, fertilizer, and weed control to eradicate any remaining weeds and prevent new ones from germinating. Our tree and shrub experts are diligently fertilizing plant material for optimal bloom and plant protection throughout the summer. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to your service leader while they are on your property. 

April is National Lawn Care Month, which further excites us to promote the importance of green spaces and turf grasses. Were you aware that the turf grass of an average home in our area produces enough oxygen for a family of four, prevents erosion of topsoil and sediment into the rivers and Chesapeake Bay, cools our atmosphere, and provides spaces for us to enjoy? Virginia Green is proud to support the National Association of Landscape Professionals and contribute to the education of homeowners on the importance of green spaces. Help us spread the word about the significance of well-maintained lawns and green spaces in the community. 

Please enjoy this wonderful time of year and thank you for allowing Virginia Green to service your landscape!

Warm regards,

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