Lawn of the Month Winners - 2024 May

Lawn of the Month

May was a beautiful month and the Lawns of the Month for last month are too! We had over 20 submissions for May Lawn of the Month and it was hard to pick the best!

Shaw Family – Herndon, VA

First, we have the Shaw Family in Herndon, VA. Their lawn was nominated by their Service Leader, and they weren't wrong with their nomination! We're so excited to see lawns looking this beautiful. 

May 2024 Lawn of the Month Winner in Herndon.jpg

Nalberczinski Family – Weyers Cave, VA

Next up is the Nalberczinski Family's lush lawn in Weyers Cave, VA. They sent in their photo with the caption "Ready for Labor Day, best lawn in the neighborhood." 

Thank you! Lawn care is a partnership and we couldn't have done it without you. We hope your lawn was the perfect backdrop for a Labor Day cookout. 

May 2024 Lawn of the Month Winner in Weyers Cave

Johnson Family – Woodbridge, VA

Thomas and JoAnn Johnson are next up, from Woodbridge, VA. Their gorgeous lawn leaves nothing to be desired!

May 2024 Lawn of the Month Winner in Woodbridge

Christopherson and Burton Families – Chester, VA

This is a unique winner for Lawn of the Month! The Christopherson family submitted photos with this comment: "I've been a Virginia Green customer for a couple years. My next door neighbor, Floyd Burton has been your customer for several years. Before I became a customer, there was a BIG difference between my yard and Floyd's yard. In fact, I had more weeds than grass and was always threatening to "infect" Floyd's beautiful lawn. Finally, one day when the technician was tending to Floyd's yard, I went out and asked him to put me on the same schedule so I won't "infect" Floyd's yard anymore. It took some work, fast forward to today and you can't tell where my yard ends and Floyd's begins...we have one beautiful front yard thanks to Virginia Green! (adjoining front and side yards)."

We are so glad to have both of you onboard, and your lawns look gorgeous! 

May 2024 Combined Lawns of the Month in Chester

Metzger Family – Chester, VA

Mr. Metzger sent his photos in, proud of the change in his lawn over the years! 

We are so excited to bring his lawn to its current state! 

May 2024 Lawn of the Month Winner in Richmond

Zilli Family – Williamsburg, VA

Mrs. Zilli reached out to our customer service team to recommend their lawn for Lawn of the Month in Williamsburg, and she certainly earned it! Just look at this gorgeous lawn. 

May 2024 Lawn of the Month Winner in Williamsburg

This has been a great month of submissions! Thank you again for sending in your submissions and please keep them coming in the future! As temperatures begin to rise, we know your lawns will keep looking magnificent across your neighborhoods. Remember to include why you love your lawn when you send your pictures to property@virginiagreen.com.