Lawn of the Month Winners - 2024 January

Lawn of the Month

We are thrilled to announce the January Lawn of the Month winners at the start of a wonderful new year! It’s thrilling to see how Virginia Green lawns are thriving in these cold months. Remember, each month is a new chance to win $75 towards a future application.

Rank Family – Prince George, VA

First, we have the Rank family coming to us from Prince George, VA. The Rank family have been with us since 2017 and are on the Estate Lawn Care program. With their submission they stated, “It has been below freezing many days this month, but our lawn is still beautiful, green, lush, and healthy - both our front lawn and our back lawn. We have the Estate Lawn Care program, and it works! We are very blessed to have Virginia Green service our lawn and always being there to answer our questions and address our concerns. Thank you, Virginia Green!”  You’re very welcome, Rank family and thank you for the kind words. It’s amazing how great and green your lawn looks in January – the coldest time of the year. 

Rank home

Mackie Family – Mechanicsville, VA

Second, we have the Mackie family from Mechanicsville, VA. The Mackie family have been with Virginia Green for the past two years and are on the Premium Lawn Care program. With their submission they mentioned, “Thanks to Virginia Green for your great service! We have NEVER had such a great looking green lawn!! We actually had NO grass prior to Virginia Green's service just for your information. Cannot believe how beautiful you made our lawn!!” Your lawn is indeed beautiful and has such an exquisite deep green color. We’re happy to be able to transform your lawn to one that you love and are proud of. Keep up the great work. 


Santiago Family – Stafford, VA

Third, we have the Santiago family coming from Stafford, VA. The Santiago family has just hit their one-year mark by being a part of the Virginia Green family. Congratulations! With their submission, they said, “When I moved into my new home, the grass was horrible and almost unrepairable. I contracted VA Green while deployed overseas and returned to an already healing lawn. It was remarkable. Today, my grass has remained healthy and green, even throughout the winter! Thanks VA Green!” What a wonderful story to hear. Thank you for your services to our country, and your commitment to allowing Virginia Green to treat your lawn while you were deployed. We see that your dog loves your lawn just as much as we do. It’s astonishing to see the comparison between your lawn and your neighbors. Hopefully they become a Virginia Green customer too. 



Woods Family – Providence Forge, VA

Last but not least, we have the Woods family from Providence Forge, VA. The Woods family are on the Estate Lawn Care program and have been with Virginia Green for the past 10 months. What a gorgeous lawn you have, Woods family. It’s amazing how 10 months can transform your lawn to such a wonderful color. We can’t wait to see how your lawn will look in the spring. 


Thank you for sending in your submissions this month or for your technician sending in a submission. Please keep them coming in the future! If you would like a chance to be a winner next month, please send your submissions to property@virginiagreen.com. Remember to include why you love your lawn when you send your pictures.