The Best Time to Aerate your Lawn

Aeration & Seeding

It’s Time To Aerate!

What is the best time to aerate your cool-season lawn?

In Virginia, the ideal time for aerating your cool-season/Tall Fescue lawn is between late August through early November.  During this period, soil temperatures are at optimal conditions for Tall Fescue seeds to germinate effectively.

What is the best time to aerate your warm-season lawn?

For warm-season lawns, it is advisable to wait until late May or June before aerating. Aeration only is done for warm-season lawns—seeding is not needed. Aerating your lawn is best during these months because this is when your warm-season turf first comes out of dormancy and is actively growing. Aeration helps thicken your lawn’s turf and helps your lawn look great for the summer.

Benefits of Aeration

Fall aeration helps release soil compaction, allows air circulation through the soil, improves rooting, and increases the activity of microorganisms that decompose thatch. Aeration also provides better soil-to-seed contact for new growth. Virginia Green does a double core aeration (going over the lawn twice) which helps with pulling more cores, fixes thin areas, and puts down a proprietary, weed-free seed for optimum growth. 

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