The Benefits of Fertilizing Trees & Shrubs

Tree & Shrub Care

Why should I fertilize my trees and shrubs?  

Tree and shrub fertilization can stimulate growth and maintain vigor. Most soils not disturbed by construction have plenty of nutrients to help with plant growth. The factors causing most tree and shrub problems are not nutritional but heavy clay soils, poor drainage, and incorrect planting. Since most urban environments have been disturbed by construction, and the natural cycling of nutrients is disrupted by leaf removal, there is a need to add nutrients back to the soil for tree and shrub use.  

When should trees and shrubs be fertilized?  

The best time to add nutrients back into the soil is when the trees and shrubs are in their dormant period. January through March is an ideal time to apply the fertilizer into the root zone. 

What does fertilizer do for trees and shrubs? 

For newer trees and shrubs, fertilization helps promote new growth. For older trees and shrubs it helps provide a rich stable environment for them to maintain long term health. Fertilizing trees and shrubs while helping to maintain the plants vigor, also helps keep them healthier in order to protect them from disease and insects. A healthier tree or shrub is more often a better plant. 

Fertilizing your trees and shrubs is one way in keeping your landscape growing and looking healthy. If your plants are not looking as great as you would want them to be, call us today for a free tree and shrub estimate.