What’s the Best Grass Seed for My Lawn?

Bag of seed

A great lawn begins with great seed. Selecting the best type of grass seed for fall aeration and seeding requires understanding several factors.

Virginia Green provides a propriety seed blend that complies with the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program and the United States Department of Agriculture. Our grass seed is grown and evaluated at over 40 sites in the United States and is free of weeds and other crop seed.

The goal of this process is to grow seed that has:

  • Disease and insect resistance
  • Drought, heat, traffic and cold tolerance
  • Ideal density, color and growing characteristics
  • Ideal time for establishment

Virginia Green Grass Seed Blend

Picking the right seed is important to your lawn’s success. Utilizing NTEP data from seed researchers in our area and suppliers in Oregon, Virginia Green supplies the best Tall Fescue seed for our customers. Virginia Green solely buys seed free of weed and other crop seed, and is made up of a blend of:

  • 97% Tall Fescue
  • 3% Kentucky Bluegrass

Whether we are core aerating and seeding or dropping off bags for our customers to use, the seed quality is always the best available.

Virginia Green has in-house soil scientists selecting the best seed and certified technicians managing your lawn care needs. Let us bring out the best in your lawn.