Weed Control During Aeration and Seeding in Newport News VA

Do you ever wonder how to control weeds during the late summer or early fall aeration and seeding of Tall Fescue in Newport News? The best control is having a healthy lawn that is weed free going into an aeration and seeding.

Not to Worry

Yet if you have some weeds, it is okay. Do not worry about weed control during aeration and seeding of Tall Fescue. Most inexpensive products on the market for weed control cannot be used during aeration and seeding time in any event. The use of most weed control products have a grace period after being applied and before seeding can occur. Remember, use of weed control may kill the weeds but does not get rid of the dead plants left behind. The use of these weed control products after seeds germinate in seedling stage will more than likely kill the seedlings.

Aeration and seeding will work with weeds present in a yard


Prostate spurge summer annual weed


Crabgrass summer annual weed

If weeds are present during aeration and seeding, most are summer annual weeds and are about die with the cooler weather around the corner. Most summer annual weeds disappear in this area in October. The rest will die with the first frost. With aeration and seeding, new seedlings are growing and developing to take over the voided areas summer annuals weeds will leave behind. By next spring, with a good winter fertility and weed program, the yard will have a full stand of Tall Fescue.

No Rush

The bottom line is there is no need to worry about weeds during aeration and seeding. Ideally, we all want a weedless lawn but if they happen to appear during the aeration and seeding season, just wait it out. Don’t force weed control and receive better results by waiting until the newly seeded lawn has some time to grow.

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