Don’t Stop Watering


Fall is an important time to water!

Fall is here and many of our customers have the same question. Is it ok to stop watering? NO! Now is the prime growing season for your fescue lawn.

Your grass is working hard to repair itself from the stress and heat of the summer and to prepare itself for the winter to come. Fertility and water are essential to this process. We at Virginia Green have your fertility covered, but watering is up to you and mother nature.

  • If you have recently aerated and seeded, light frequent watering twice per day to the point of light puddling until the seed has germinated is key. Once the seedlings have reached 2 inches tall, watering can be cut back to once daily.
  • For established turf, watering 2 to 3 times per week for a weekly total of 1.5 inches is advised. This deep, infrequent watering allows the soil to dry between watering’s causing the roots to grow deeper and stronger which leads to a lusher, fuller, healthier lawn. To measure the amount of water being applied, place rain gauges or several flat bottom pie plates or cans (tuna cans work well) around the lawn. If you would like a rain gauge, ask your service leader when you see them.

When should I turn off my irrigation system?

For our climate here in Virginia, we recommend watering up until at least Thanksgiving before winterizing your irrigation system.

Continuing to water your lawn this fall is essential to its success now and next spring. Keep watering for a lush healthy lawn!