Winter Dormancy of Tall Fescue Affects Lawn Growth

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How Does Winter Dormancy of Tall Fescue Affects Lawn Growth? 

During dormancy, which typically takes place when temperatures drop below 50°F (10°C), Tall Fescue experiences a significant slowdown in growth. In essence, the grass goes into a state of rest, causing visible changes in its appearance and growth patterns. During this period, Tall Fescue ceases to grow, and its color may turn pale or straw-like, giving the lawn a less vibrant appearance. 

It's essential for homeowners to be aware that dormancy doesn't imply that the grass is dead; rather, it is a natural survival mechanism to conserve energy and withstand adverse weather conditions. As temperatures gradually warm up in spring, Tall Fescue will come out of dormancy, and its growth will resume. 

While dormancy itself is a natural process, other weather-related factors can also impact Tall Fescue's health. Frost, snow, and sub-freezing temperatures can be detrimental to the grass, causing damage to the leaf blades and potentially injuring the crown and root system. It is crucial to take appropriate precautions and avoid walking on or mowing frost-covered lawns, as this can exacerbate the damage. 

By understanding these factors and taking proper lawn care measures, homeowners can help their Tall Fescue grass better withstand dormancy and winter conditions, ensuring a healthier and more resilient lawn when spring arrives. Implementing lawn care practices such as proper fertilization, aeration, and overseeding during the suitable seasons can aid in the recovery and overall well-being of the grass after dormancy and harsh winter weather. 

What Are The Effects Of Frost On Tall Fescue Grass and How To Treat It? 

Frost damage causes the tips of the blade to turn yellow, giving the lawn an overall yellow color. This is caused when the moisture in the grass blades freezes and ruptures the cells at the tip of the blades. This will grow out as Spring arrives and temperatures become more favorable for Tall Fescue growth. Us at Virginia Green provide lawn care services which help your Tall Fescue lawn bounce back quickly as our first two treatments in our program will help facilitate new growth as temperatures rise.