Warm Season Aeration

Warm season lawns benefit from annual core aeration during the summer, ideally between June and July, and without seeding, in order to keep the turf strong throughout the year.

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Why and When is it Important to Aerate Warm-Season Lawns?

The two most common warm-season grasses in Virginia are Bermudagrass and Zoysia grass. Unlike cool-season lawns, warm season lawns benefit from annual core aeration during the early to mid-summer.

Double Core Aeration

Virginia Green employs double core aeration, removing 2-4 inch plugs from the soil to reduce compaction and promote warm-season grass growth.

The Benefits

The benefits of warm-season aeration include improved air and water infiltration, increased nutrient availability to the roots, higher turf density, and reduced thatch development.

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Best Practices for Warm-Season Aeration

Virginia Green does not recommend seeding during the fall for warm season lawns as it weakens the turf the following summer and creates other issues which reduce the overall turf quality. Warm-season grasses have lateral stems, called Stolons and Rhizomes which are capable of rooting in the soil, resulting in new plants. Also, when these grasses are cut and left on moist soil, they can easily spread.

Elevating Your Lawn's Health: Virginia Green's Expert Annual Core Aeration

 Virginia Green recognizes annual core aeration is an important cultural practice. With our equipment and technique, you will get the best aeration possible for your warm-season turf.


Service Details 



Detailed Instructions for Preparing Your Lawn

You can expect to receive information on the tools and materials you'll need, as well as guidance on best practices for each step of the lawn preparation process.


Double-Core Aeration of the Lawn

This provides more comprehensive aeration and helps ensure that the lawn receives maximum benefits from the aeration process.


Seeding Guidelines With Bonus Grass Seed

Our seeding services include applying 6 lbs of seed per 1,000 sq. ft and providing you with a complimentary 5 lb bag of Virginia Green grass seed to address any sparse areas.


Post-Service Care

You will be provided with comprehensive post-service watering and mowing guidelines, ensuring the ongoing establishment of a lush, drought-resistant lawn.

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Is Warm Season Aeration Right for your lawn?

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