Corrective Lime 

Invite your soil to an ideal pH and unlock a storehouse of nutrients. 

Lime applied to lawn

The Natural Power of Lime

Lime, derived from premium limestone, plays a pivotal role in any lawn care strategy. Dolomitic Lime, produces similar results as regular lime, but with the added benefit of magnesium for additional plant health. In general terms, lime is used for combating soil acidity—a common issue in the rain-prone eastern United States where soils often fall below the ideal pH range of 6.3 to 7.0 for grass growth. Acidic soil conditions can trigger "nutrient lockout," preventing grass from accessing needed nutrients and compromising lawn quality. Applying Dolomitic Lime adjusts the soil's pH upward, enhancing nutrient availability and promoting healthier, more vibrant grass. Additionally, its magnesium boosts plant growth and chlorophyll production, resulting in a lush, green lawn.

Why Optimize Soil pH

By optimizing your soil's pH with lime, your lawn gains access to an expanded spectrum of nutrients. These nutrients are crucial for your lawn's health and vitality, being utilized across different seasons. Moreover, an optimal pH level ensures that the treatments we apply are fully available to the grass plants. This holistic approach allows us to deliver a lawn that is not only healthy and vibrant but also weed-free.

How Much Lime

The key to this question revolves around your soil's pH and nutrient availability. Initially, gaining a thorough understanding of your soil's current condition is essential. Our team can collect a soil sample for you and forward it to our nationally accredited third-party lab for comprehensive testing. Upon receiving the results, we will share and review them with you to assess the precise amount of lime your soil requires, if any.

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What to Expect with Corrective Lime

Our Dolomitic Lime helps your soil unlock available nutrients with superior results.


Perfect Soil pH

Ensuring your soil's pH falls within the optimal range maximizes nutrient availability for your lawn. Our detailed soil testing and analysis precisely identify your soil's pH, guiding targeted adjustments. 


Healthy Lawn

Enhancing your soil to unlock extra nutrients empowers your grass to flourish throughout the year, ensuring maximum efficacy and utilization of our treatments.


Is Corrective Lime Right for Your Lawn?

We're here to help you pinpoint the necessary services for your lawn. Gain a better understanding of your lawn's needs by completing our estimate form or by contacting us directly. 

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