Soil Amendment

One key to establishing a strong and healthy lawn is a soil containing the right amount of organic matter—and Virginia Green’s Soil Amendment Service is designed to easily increase organic matter.

From sand to loam to clay, Virginia has a wide variety of soils that lack organic matter. In fact, nearly every new home in our area is built upon depleted, inorganic clay soil. Virginia Green’s Soil Amendment Service benefits all of these soil types, intensifying much-needed organic material to help grow and support healthy green lawns.

This application is designed to improve soil composition by increasing the amount of organic matter in the yard, helping to create and maintain a stronger root system. Additional benefits include the slow release of key micronutrients, aiding moisture retention and reducing soil compaction.

When is the best time to apply?

Virginia Green’s Soil Amendment Service product can benefit soil at any time. It may come down to a personal preference regarding times when you are able to water the lawn quickly or when your lawn is getting less use than usual.

Are there any health concerns associated with the application?

No. The product has been properly sterilized, though you can expect an odor reminiscent of a visit to a farm to linger for a few days. For pet-owners, we recommended watering as soon as possible or walking pets elsewhere, in order to prevent the material and the odor from being tracked into the home. However, the product is completely safe and will not harm pets.  

When will I see results?

As a slow-release organic material, it takes months to break down fully into the soil. The result is a strengthening and deepening of the turf’s root structure, allowing for greater water retention and protection against disease.

What is required on my end once the application is applied?

We recommend watering the product into the soil as soon as possible. This helps the application enter the soil sooner, while also eliminating the odor. If watering is not possible, relying on rainfall or morning dews will work as well.

Let Virginia Green bring out the best in your lawn.

To learn more about Virginia Green’s Soil Amendment, contact Virginia Green at 804-285-6200.