Lime Application

Why Lime Is Important for Virginia Lawns

Applying lime to the soil helps achieve the proper pH balance so that certain key nutrients become more available to the plants. An appropriate soil pH will also encourage soil microbes to convert nitrogen to a plant-usable form. Homeowners will get more for their fertilization dollars if the pH is in the correct range.

Most lawn care applications must be applied during certain times of the year. However, adding lime to your lawn can be done at any time. Liming is one of the least expensive ways to improve soil conditions. Soils in Virginia are naturally very acidic. A soil pH of 4.5 to 6.3 are common in areas that have not been limed. A pH of 5.0 may be good for blueberries and azaleas, however most lawns will not tolerate these acidic conditions. Ideal pH levels should be 6.4 or higher.

Soil Testing to Determine pH Levels

Virginia Green offers a soil test that will identify the soil’s pH and nutrient levels, as well as provide a recommendation for how much lime (or not) should be applied to benefit the lawn.

A yearly lime application is included in our Estate Lawn Care programs and can be added as an extra service when needed for our Premium Lawn Care program customers. Please call us with any questions or to sign up for this service.