Estate Lawn Care Program

Our Most Comprehensive Program

For the absolute best in lawn care, this program offers expanded treatments for maximum turf improvement, like multiple fungicide and additional fertilizer applications to reduce disease and deliver the micronutrients that beautiful lawns love.

The Estate Lawn Care program features four additional fungicide applications to prevent common lawn diseases, like Rhizoctonia (brown patch fungus) and Clarireedia (dollar spot fungus), plus insecticides to stop grubs and post-emergent nutsedge and for broadleaf weed control.

Plus, the Estate Lawn Care program includes soil sampling to accurately and effectively identify any issues preventing your lawn from being its best. Our agronomists will measure the soil pH annually, sharing the results and any recommendations for your lawn’s continued improvement.

11 Applications Per Year

Pre-emergent crabgrass control
Broadleaf weed control
Complete fertilization, including starter fertilizer for seedling germination and development
Liquid and granular applications
Grub control
Yearly maintenance-level lime application
4 applications of lawn disease preventing fungicides
2 applications of sedge control
Soil sampling for pH balance

Let us share our experience and expertise with your lawn.

Estate Lawn Care Timeline

Late January – March

A liquid fertilizer, plus pre-emergent crabgrass control and broadleaf weed control, for early spring green-up

March – April

Improve lawn’s color and density, with additional liquid fertilizer, plus crabgrass and broadleaf weed control

April – June

Slow-release fertilizer for color and growth all summer long, with pre-emergent and additional weed control

May – August

4 fungicide liquid applications to control diseases. Additional liquid applications of post-emergent broadleaf weed control, grub control, and herbicide for nutsedge control treating annual and perennial warm-season weeds

August – September

Early-fall, granular starter fertilizer to relieve summer stress and boost seedling development

October – November

Late season fertilization to strengthen root development and thicken lawn

November – December

Fertilizer and weed control to prevent winter annuals and prep for spring turf fill  

*Your lime application can be applied anytime throughout the year

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