Fungicide Application

During the summer months, even the most cared-for lawns are susceptible to lawn disease. Warm, humid weather (humidity over 75% and nighttime temperatures greater than 70 degrees) provides optimal conditions for lawn disease, specifically Rhizoctonia (“brown patch”) and Clarireedia (“dollar spot”). Turf diseases can quickly turn a lush, thick lawn into a thin, patchy lawn with little chance for recovery until fall when it can be aerated and seeded. Patches can range in size from 3 inches to as large as 3 feet.

Rhizoctonia (“Brown Patch”)
Clarireedia (“Dollar Spot”)

To protect your lawn from disease, Virginia Green offers a fungicide application for disease prevention that has four applications over the summer months. Each application is applied between 28-32 days for the most protection. These applications are included in our Estate Lawn Care program.

  1. The first application consists of two fungicides designed to address disease from break outs in the lawn such as Rhizoctonia (sometimes called Brown Patch), Clarireedia (sometimes called Dollar Spot).
  2. This second application consists of a combination of fungicides for lawn diseases, insecticide for grub control, and an herbicide to control nutsedge. This application will control Rhizoctonia, Clarireedia, and Leaf Spot for at least 32 days. Halosulfuron – a herbicide which is effective on yellow nutsedge, the most common sedge in our area, will also be applied.
  3. The third application is comprised of a combination of fungicides designed to control lawn diseases such as Rhizoctonia and Clarireedia. Any present broadleaf weeds like lespedeza, spurge, and other summer annuals, will also disappear quickly after this application. Additionally, two herbicides—one for sedges and another for broadleaf weeds—will be applied to your lawn, the second application for sedges of the summer.
  4. The last application consists of a combination of fungicides designed to control Rhizoctonia and Clarireedia.

    Please call our office at 804.285.6200 to share any concerns over lawn disease or to discuss signing up for additional fungicide applications.