Fungicide Application

Our fungicide application delivers effective disease control to safeguard your lawn against common lawn fungi like Rhizoctonia ('brown patch') and Clarireedia ('dollar spot').

Fungicide in turf

Combatting Turf Diseases

In summer, warm, humid weather can cause lawn diseases like 'brown patch' and 'dollar spot,' leading to thin, patchy lawns. Recovery may require fall aeration and seeding, with patches ranging from inches to feet.

Brown patch affecting lawn

Rhizoctonia “Brown Patch”

Rhizoctonia brown patch, caused by the fungus Rhizoctonia solani, forms circular to irregular brown, sunken patches in lawns. It thrives in warm, humid weather, affecting various grass species.

Dollar spot affecting lawn

Clarireedia “Dollar Spot”

Dollar spot is a lawn disease marked by small, round, straw-colored patches on the grass, resembling silver dollars. It can be caused by different fungi in the Clarireedia and Sclerotinia genera

Lawn Programs


Fungicide Application Service

A fungicide application service is a professional service provided by Virginia Green to prevent or control fungal diseases that can affect plants, including lawns, trees, shrubs, and other vegetation. 

Safeguarding Your Lawn: Virginia Green's Four-Step Fungicide Application for Disease Prevention 

To protect your lawn from disease, Virginia Green offers a fungicide application for disease prevention that has four applications over the summer months. Each application is applied between 28-32 days for the most protection.


Service Details

Note: These applications are included in our Estate Lawn Care program.


Application 1

The initial application includes two fungicides to combat lawn diseases like Rhizoctonia (Brown Patch) and Clarireedia (Dollar Spot).


Application 2

The second application is a potent mix of fungicides for lawn diseases, insecticides for grub control, and a nutsedge-targeted herbicide, delivering over 32 days of protection against various diseases, including yellow nutsedge.


Application 3

The third application combines fungicides for lawn diseases like Rhizoctonia and Clarireedia with swift elimination of broadleaf weeds such as lespedeza, spurge, and summer annuals. It also includes two herbicides, one for summer sedges and another for broadleaf weeds.


Application 4

The last application consists of a combination of fungicides designed to control Rhizoctonia and Clarireedia.

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Is Fungicide Application Right for your lawn?

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