Bermudagrass Suppression

Common Bermudagrass, also known as wiregrass, is a warm-season perennial turfgrass. It spreads laterally through stems called Rhizomes and Stolons. It has excellent heat and drought tolerance but cannot tolerate shade. It can be a very invasive and difficult grass to control.

How did Bermudagrass get in my lawn?

Bermudagrass is very common in our climate. In fact, most lawns have it to some extent in full-sun areas. Central Virginia is known as the transition zone, meaning our climate has extreme fluctuations between seasons. Therefore, it is very normal to have a mixed strand of turf.

How do I get rid of it?

There is no permanent solution for Bermudagrass. However, Virginia Green has a solution for dealing with this invasive grass:

Virginia Green Bermudagrass Suppression Program

  1. Virginia Green offers 4 Bermudagrass suppression applications over the summer months
  2. These liquid applications consist of a combination of herbicides which injure Bermudagrass but do not harm desirable Tall Fescue and blue grasses that may be currently in the lawn
  3. These applications will also control and eliminate broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds such as crabgrass.
  4. Suppression applications need to be ongoing from year to year to continue to fight the Bermudagrass
  5. Aeration and seeding is necessary to increase the presence of Tall Fescue in the lawn once Bermudagrass is suppressed
  6. Keep in mind this program will NOT eliminate Bermudagrass completely, it will only suppress the population currently in your lawn

Want additional information to determine if the Bermuda Suppression Program would be beneficial to your lawn? Contact our office today at 804.285.6200 and we will have one of Virginia Green’s agronomist get in contact with you to discuss.