Aeration & Seeding Preparation Instructions

What is lawn aeration

Prior to our arrival, we request you follow these instructions in order to prepare your lawn for the best aeration and seeding possible:

  1. Mow the grass lower than usual – 1.5 to 2 inches. This is the only time we ask for mowing this short. Bag, blow, or rake up clippings if necessary. Mowing short allows the grass to establish for several weeks before mowing is necessary and also allows for greater seed soil contact.
  2. In the absence of rain, lightly irrigate your lawn on Sunday and then turn off your system until after aeration and seeding. The ground should be slightly moist but not soaking wet. Our machines perform better in dry conditions.
  3. Flag all sprinkler heads, valve box covers, shallow electrical lines, water pipes or water drainage pipes, and/or any other subsurface objects. Wire flags available from hardware stores or online from places like Amazon, are the best tool for marking and should be placed directly on top of the object. Spray paint should NOT be utilized, as it is usually only visible after the aerator has passed over the painted object.
  4. Flag SmallerInvisible Dog Fences are very shallow and easily damaged by an aerator. Please contract with an electrician or the Invisible Dog Fence Service to mark your underground wires. Wires should be marked every 2 to 3 feet and should clearly represent the location of the wire. Virginia Green is not responsible for damage to Invisible Dog Fences which are not marked properly.
  5. Remove all lawn furniture, toys, hoses and other movable objects from the lawn.

At seeding time, Virginia Green Lawn Care will leave detailed instructions on how to care for the lawn after Aeration and Seeding. In a short time you will have a beautiful lawn.