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With double-core aeration and a customized, weed-free seed blend, Virginia Green offers the area’s top aeration and seeding service. Plus, our customized lawn care programs are designed to eliminate weeds while bringing you a green, vibrant, and healthy lawn that you’ll love.


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Aeration & Seeding is Key to Your Lawn’s Success

Aeration allows nutrients, water, and oxygen to penetrate deep into the soil, while seeding is a must for Tall Fescue grasses, which don’t regenerate and must be reseeded each year to establish new growth. Together, both are crucial for your lawn’s health.

For cool season lawns, aeration and seeding begins at the end of August and is completed at the beginning of November. This is the optimal time to aerate your lawn and plant seed in preparation for the spring, as the cooler weather will allow seed to germinate and grow.

Warm season lawns benefit from annual core aeration during the summer which begins the first part of June and ends in July. Virginia Green does not recommend seeding during the fall for warm season lawns as it weakens the turf the following summer and creates other issues which reduce the overall turf quality.

With double-core aeration and a proprietary, 100% weed-free seed blend, Virginia Green offers the area’s top aeration and seeding service. This critical service, along with our comprehensive lawn care programs, is designed to keep your lawn healthy and green, all year long.

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For the greatest aeration and seeding success, please follow these pre- and post-service instructions:

Aeration and Seeding Preparation Instructions

Aeration and Seeding After-Service Instructions

Why choose Virginia Green?


Virginia Green knows local lawn care challenges better than any company around. Each year, we hand pick the best seed for our area, carefully considering the characteristics necessary to thrive in Virginia’s climate.


Our certified technicians and in- house agronomists (soil scientists) understand our state’s unique weather, turf, soil, and insects—and know how to use that expertise to maintain healthy, weed-free lawns.


We’re committed to customer service—if you’re not satisfied, then neither are we. We’re always ready to offer helpful hints or answer your questions, with personal attention to help your lawn look its best.