Yellow Nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus) is a perennial weed that often pops up in lawns in the early summertime. It’s a rapidly spreading warm-season perennial weed that grows during the heat of summer when cool-season turf grows more slowly. It’s tall appearance and bright green color make it stand out tremendously in your dark tall fescue lawns. If a customer mows prior to their application, they can expect to see better results, if they cannot mow, waiting 4-5 days after the application to mow can also drive results. The product Virginia Green applies is absorbed foliarly through the leaves and needs time to translocate throughout the plant.

If the grass and sedge is cut, the product won’t have time to reach the whole plant and the sedge will reappear. Sedge will be especially apparent due to the wet weather we have been having (Sedge thrives in wet soil). Sedge is addressed in our Premium Round 4, Fungicide 2, and Fungicide 3. If you think you might be seeing Yellow Nutsedge in your lawn, give us a call today at 804.285.6200