April 2017 Lawn of the Month Winners

Lawn of the Month

We are proud to announce our April Lawn of the Month Winners! Remember that you can submit your lawn every month for a chance to win a $75 credit to future applications and have your lawn featured in our newsletter. With the weather we have been having this year, lawns are looking good!

First we have the Payne family from Keswick. This is their second year with Virginia Green and they are currently on the Premium Program. Their lawn sure is looking a lush, beautiful green!


Next we have the Sorrell family in Glen Allen. Currently on the Estate Program, the Sorrell family have been with Virginia Green for three years now. With their submission, they wrote “Check it out! Virginia Green has done a great job with our lawn.” With a little teamwork, their lawn is looking stunning!


Our third winner for April is awarded to the Jones family of Moseley. They have been with Virginia Green since December of 2015. They received aeration and seeding last fall and it shows with that green carpet in April!


Next we have the Johnson family of Bumpass. The Johnsons just started with Virginia Green this year and their turf is already showing a beautiful green. They are currently on our Premium Program and you can really see this lawn is going places!


Our fifth winner for April belongs to the Conboy family of Williamsburg. They started with Virginia Green just last year in July. They are currently on the Estate Program and took advantage of our aeration and seeding in the fall. With their submission, they wrote “Our lawn has never looked better!  Thank you!” That lawn sure is beautiful!


Last but certainly not least, we have the Rothberg family from Williamsburg. They have been with Virginia Green since 2014 and are currently on the Premium Program. With their submission, they wrote “We are very proud of our lawn and believe it the best looking one in our neighborhood community. It reminds us of the fairways at The Masters golf in Augusta.” We couldn’t agree more! That is a lush, green lawn.


As the winning entries each property will receive a $75 credit toward their next service. The competition has been fierce this year and we love to see all the different lawns! Please submit your beautiful property in an email to property@virginiagreenlawncare.com and you may be one of the next winners.