Commercial Industries Served

Virginia Green provides professional maintenance and management of outdoor landscapes, including lawns, green spaces, and grounds, on commercial or business properties.


Keep Your Property Looking Professional

Your customer’s first impression starts before they walk through the door of your business—and an eye-catching lawn can help set you apart. Green, healthy, inviting grass tells customers you care about your property—and the service you provide.

We work and partner with:

Landscapers Property Managers & HOAs

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We Can Help You With 

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Our certified technicians carefully diagnose tree and shrub diseases, recommend watering and pruning, and advise on new plant placement.


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Weed Control

Central Virginia's hot, humid summers favor landscape-damaging fungus growth.

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Aeration & Seeding

Insects can dehydrate trees and shrubs, while fast-chewing pests defoliate, leaving plants or hedges barren.

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Tree & Shrub

Virginia Green developed tree and shrub fertilizer for optimal growth and blooming.

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What to Expect


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Customized Care to Fit Your Business Best

Our commercial lawn, tree, and shrub care programs create your desired look within your budget. Whether it's weed control or aeration and seeding, we can tailor a program to keep your business looking great.

Local Care for Local Businesses

As a Virginia-based company, we grasp the unique needs and challenges of local businesses. Our certified technicians and in-house agronomists possess unparalleled expertise in Virginia's weather, turf, and insects.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We're fully dedicated to your satisfaction. As a trusted partner for local businesses, we offer expert advice and personal attention to ensure your lawns thrive.