Buster’s Buddies

Virginia Green’s Love for Pets

Buster’s furry friends are an important part of the Virginia Green family. Every year, Virginia Green partners with local SPCA’s, humane societies, and other animal shelters through our Buster’s Buddies campaign to make a donation to help pets in need. We look forward to seeing our customers’ pets each Spring and Summer spending time outdoors (or indoors!) enjoying themselves. Click here to see how to be apart of the campaign during the summer.

Ways Virginia Green supports shelters throughout the year

We are continuing to give back to local shelters in various ways throughout the year, so the support doesn’t stop with Buster’s Buddies!

Pet Highlights

Once a month, Virginia Green will highlight pets from each shelter that are in need, new to the facility, or just showing off their great qualities and personalities!


Throughout the year, each shelter hosts different events where the community will be able to get involved by donating or bringing your pet to participate. Virginia Green is happy to provide support to the shelters for these events.

Supplies Needed/Donations

Supplies and donations are key to lifesaving support and efforts at animal shelters. Virginia Green’s donations—and yours—can help ensure pets are getting the proper care needed and are able to remain at the shelter until they find their forever home.


Looking to adopt or foster a pet? Virginia Green will be showcasing those pets that are in need of a home permanently or temporarily.