Winterize Your Irrigation System

Irrigation Winterization

Don’t Wait to Winterize Your Irrigation System!

Now that the temperatures have dipped into wintertime, you should be planning to have your irrigation system winterized and shut down by scheduling a visit from a contractor. We do suggest that you schedule this appointment for late November, around Thanksgiving time. This will allow you to have your system available for any warm days to water in the absence of rainfall.

Winterizing your sprinkler system is essential before freezing temperatures occur. If you fail to winterize your irrigation system correctly, any water left in the lines can freeze, expand, crack, and possibly cause costly damage.  There are different ways of winterizing your system. The common two are draining it from the valves and/or using an air compressor to blow it out of the irrigation pipes. Make sure you confirm what suits your system with your irrigation company as you don’t want to cause any considerable damage.

In addition, you should drain outdoor hoses and bring them into a garage, or other warmer areas, so they don’t freeze and crack. It’s also a good idea to shut down water to outside faucets to avoid freezing pipes and any damage that may occur.

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