Why Leaf Removal in the Winter is Important

While the peak season for leaf removal may end in the fall, many trees hang onto their dead leaves well into the winter season. As the leaves continue to fall, it remains important for your lawn’s health to keep removing them throughout the winter so your lawn can thrive in the spring.  

A few leaves here and there will not harm your lawn but letting them pile up can damage your grass. When your lawn is covered with leaves, it is not receiving a sufficient amount of sunlight or oxygen, both critical to the health of your grass. Also, as leaves become wet and continue to sit, they promote an environment susceptible to fungus. Leaf litter left for too long decreases vigor and leads to bare spots in your lawn. Fallen leaves also provide great hiding spots for rodents, snakes, and other insects.

Ways to Remove Leaves from your Lawn

Mulching Leaves
Mulching the leaves back into the lawn can be beneficial if done properly. Studies have shown this can return some nutrients and organic matter back into your lawn, having long term positive effects.

Leaf Blower/Raking
Since the majority of your leaves will have fallen in the fall, we recommend using a leaf blower or rake to help remove the remaining leaves. Blowers and rakes may take a little more effort, but your lawn is worth it.

We advise that leaves are removed on a weekly basis throughout the fall and winter in order promote a healthy green lawn in the spring.