When It’s Really Hot, Head Out On Your Lawn

June 2015 will go down as one of the warmest on record in the United States.  It certainly has been a warm one here in Providence Forge.  If you are tired of being too hot- take time and head out on your lawn and you will cool off very quickly.

According to the Department of Energy, turf lawns on average are 30 degrees cooler than the surrounding asphalt.  This is due to the absorption of light by the grass plants, which is not reflected off a hard surface and therefore the energy is absorbed by the turf.  The end result is cooler temperatures, much like being in the shade of an oak tree.

Natural Sports Fields vs. Synthetic Fields

The same cooling effect of natural turf can be felt on a grass field versus a synthetic field.  When playing sports, it is considerably cooler on a Bermuda grass field.  This is due to the grass plants absorbing the energy from the sunlight and not reflecting it back.

When it’s really hot, head out on your lawn 2

Synthetic fields are great for sports, especially when the weather is bad, but in the summer time when it is 90 degrees, these fields can be closer to 130 degrees.  Watering these fields in the summer helps reduce the heat but sometimes this is not always possible when games are played continuously.  Take extra caution on synthetic turf in the summer time by drinking lots of water and limit the time spent on synthetic turf.

When the thermometer hits 95 degrees and you feel too hot, take a few minutes to go rest in your lawn.  You will immediately cool off and start to feel better. For more ways to keep your lawn cool and green, consider one of our lawn care programs, or call our office for more information.