What To Do With Grass Clippings?

Mowing the lawn is an important and time consuming part of proper lawn maintenance.  Eventually the question always comes up – what should I do with the clippings?

Virginia Green would like to help you reduce the amount of time spent mowing and improve the quality of the lawn. To solve both of these issues never bag the lawn clippings. The time spent would definitely be reduced if the mower does not have to be stopped to empty clippings. To understand how not bagging the clippings will improve lawn quality we must look at the grass plant and how it grows.

Grass leaves are made up of cells that contain mostly water. The water is absorbed from the ground by the roots and is transferred to the leaves. This water contains fertilizer that has been applied to the lawn. When mowing occurs and the clippings are returned to the soil, the nutrients are recycled and used by the plant. Bagging the lawn clippings takes nutrients to the landfill.

When grass is tall and is causing clumps while mowing, you need to apply the 1/3 rule.  Never cut more than 1/3 of the leaf blade when you mow. It’s also best to increase the frequency between mowing’s when grass is growing fast. Many mowers have a mulching option that chops clippings into finer pieces reducing the mess and breaking down the clippings faster. Blow the clippings to disperse is a quick way to get rid of any clumps.