What is Canker Disease?


How can I tell if my trees have canker disease?

There are different signs you can look for when canker disease is present. They are pretty easy to recognize if you know what you are looking for. The very first thing you look for is oozing, or sap flow from the diseased limbs themselves. Pretty easy to find. If you look at a diseased limb and it has fresh sap or dried sap, which would look like amber, this is one sign that it potentially has canker disease.

Another sign is to find the canker themselves. The cankers could look like open sores or splits that look like they are trying to heal over. These splits will sometimes have oozing as well.


One other sign of canker disease is what is called flagging. It is the most noticeable sign. What you will see is on an otherwise healthy leyland, you will have one or two limbs that are completely dead or browning and quickly dying. This is a very recognizable sign that you have canker disease in your tree.


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