What do Virginia Green employees do during the winter?


We are often asked, “what do your employees do during the winter when you can’t treat lawns?” Virginia Green utilizes these cold weather days, when we are unable to treat lawns, as time to train both our new and existing employees. This training can take many forms.

Our warehouse employees spend their cold days working on their skills for cleaning and rebuilding engines, pumps, and virtually anything and everything that keeps our fleet running, and gets them ready to hit the streets. While our warehouses are not the warmest places at any of our three locations, they are always a clean, organized hub of activity.


While the phones don’t ever stop ringing at Virginia Green (thankfully!) the office staff utilizes the quieter time for training as well. Employees are kept up to date on products, company procedures, and any updates and/or changes to the computer software that we use. Since superior customer service is essential to our business model, we spend a lot of time polishing and improving our customer service skills.

Finally, there is the technician training. All of our technicians, both new and seasoned, go through extensive training. This training covers everything from basic policies and procedures, to training to renew and apply for licensing. We want to ensure that our employees are well trained to provide the best service possible, and handle any questions and/or concerns that may arise in their day to day work.