Three Signs of an Unhealthy Lawn in Virginia

Many things can go wrong in a lawn. From weeds, to dead spots to simply not getting enough water. Before making any steps towards fixing the lawn, determine what actually the problem is. For example, if an area has too much shade, perhaps forget about getting grass in the area and investing in landscaping and plant material. Maybe the weeds have taken over and the best solution is to spray out the lawn and start a new one in the fall. Every lawn is different and moving forward with getting the best lawn all depends on the conditions and the solution. Here we have listed the three most noticeable signs of an unhealthy lawn.

First Sign – Lawn Diseases

As summer and warmer weather approaches, the conditions for lawn diseases will be in full effect. The two main diseases in central Virginia are Rhizoctonia (Brown Patch) for tall fescue and Sclerontinia (Dollar Spot) for blue grasses. Turf diseases can quickly turn a lush, thick lawn into a thin, patchy lawn with little chance for recovery until fall when it can be aerated and seeded.

If you suspect lawn disease, there are things you can do to help. Lawn diseases are preventable with the Virginia Green Estate Program. Our fungicide applications, applied in advance of disease development, will protect the grass for more than 30 days. For customers on our Premium Lawn Care program, Virginia Green recommends switching to the Estate Program, a more comprehensive ten-service program, to keep your turf from being damaged. The new program includes three additional treatments during the hot summer months consisting of fungicides, grub control, nutsedge control and additional weed control. The best way to prevent lawn disease is to stop it before it starts.  For more information, check out this page about lawn diseases.

Second Sign – The Overwhelming Presence of Weeds

Weeds can easily take over a lawn and reestablishing grass can be a challenge. If your lawn has been taken over by weeds, you might be left with only the option of killing the vegetation and starting over. There are many ways to prevent weeds. Just like lawn disease, the best solution is to stop it before it starts. Throughout the year, Virginia Green is protecting your lawn from weeds. In the early part of the year, we start with pre-emergent herbicide. This will kill any annual weeds by creating a barrier. As the year continues, we continue to spray post-emergent herbicides to control escapes or more difficult problems not easily handled by the pre-emergent application. Getting weed control before there is a problem is the best solution. If you feel your lawn can’t be helped, please give us a call and our trained technicians will be able to give proper advice on moving forward.

Third Sign – Dry Lawns

Under watering is a huge problem when it comes to unhealthy lawns. Rainfall does not always give the lawn enough water and turf roots can quickly dry out. Virginia Green recommends 1 to 1.5 inches of water a week. To determine if your lawn is getting enough water, place several flat bottom pie plates or cans (tuna cans work well) around the lawn. Run the irrigation system or water with sprinklers.  All the containers should catch the same amount, indicating even watering coverage. Water ½ to ¾ of an inch, 2-3 times per week, is generally sufficient.  Want to know more? Read more about watering tips.

Everyone wants a beautiful lawn. If you see any of these signs or would like one of our trained technicians to come recommend a plan for your lawn, give us a call today!