Should I Seed My Williamsburg, VA Lawn in the Spring?


Short Answer: No.

Here’s why it’s best to wait:

Spring is in the air and people have the urge to start seeding. Resist. In Williamsburg, Virginia Green advises customers to seed during the fall. The grass most customers promote is tall fescue. Tall fescue is a cool season grass. Seeding in the fall allows it to germinate and to grow prior to winter, then continue growth and reach maturity in spring. During summer, fescue lawns can struggle with complex Virginia weather conditions of high humidity, shade, high temperatures, and wet and/or dry conditions. Tall fescue is a bunch type grass which grows in clumps or single plants. Therefore, it does not have the natural ability to spread and repair thin areas. Virginia Green Lawn Care recommends reseeding your lawn in the fall each year for best results.

Spring Treatment For Bare Spots

So what should you do now if there are bare spots in your lawn? There is a solution. If there are any bare areas in a lawn to address during the spring, they should be sodded. Sod is already mature and therefore is the best bet during the spring. Then once fall comes around, you can get ahead of the curve and start aeration and seeding to avoid having this problem in the future.