Prevention Is Key – Pre-Emergent Weed Control

You’re getting ready to head out on a summer time cross country tour to see your great aunt Sue in your 1992 Ford Explorer named Sue that’s, no doubt been with you since your freshman year in college, and what’s the one thing you always do before you embark on that 3,000 mile round tripper? You should’ve said take it to mechanic for some preventative maintenance/tune up. It’s the only reason the car named Sue keeps on running. Where am I going with this? Just as prevention is key for your car’s health, your health, it is the same for your living, breathing lawn when it comes to weed control. Preventative measures often afford you peace of mind that something won’t break down or fall apart. Let Virginia Green provide that peace of mind by taking over the preventative care that is built into our lawn care programs.

If you wait, you’re too late

Of course, timing is everything with pre-emergent applications. If the goal is to prevent weeds then we must make timely applications prior to the germination of these pesky summer annuals and crab grass which means applications starting as early in the year as possible. If you’ve been in Virginia for even a year you can attest to the incredible temperature and weather fluctuations that occur throughout the year. In January, we’ll see 28 degrees on Wednesday and 64 degrees by Sunday. An extended period of warm weather in the throws of late winter can result in a crop of unwanted weeds unless we get an early start. With a Virginia Green Lawncare program pre-emergent weed control is applied to your lawn over the first three applications of the year with the goal being to simply prevent summer annuals and crabgrass before they become a problem and make themselves comfortable in your landscape. We are effectively preventing them from germinating and becoming mature, unsightly plants.

What is the benefit?

Whether you are maintaining an already established lawn or building one, quite literally from the ground up, prevention starts with pre-emergent weed control applications that prevent competition (weeds) from invading your otherwise beautiful lawn or lawn that you’re trying to establish. An invasion of weeds can ultimately cause the decline/degradation of your well-established lawn. A full complement of pre-emergent weed control will put your lawn on the straight and narrow for a successful aeration and seeding for that “work in progress” lawn.

Your lawn won’t be completing any cross-country treks or making any trips to the doctor’s office for various ailments but that doesn’t mean it is not in need of a little preventative care supplied by Virginia Green’s timely applications of pre-emergent weed control. A Virginia Green technician applying pre-emergent is the tune up for your lawn for that summer lawn party you’re having. We provide the preventative care application to your lawn so that it doesn’t become loaded with weeds. Just like that car or your own health, prevention is key. It is almost always the cheaper and easier alternative to ignoring the issues and waiting until it becomes a huge problem.

Communication is important for success.

What’s up? What’s going on? What do you see in your lawn?

We are committed to getting your lawn healthy, green, and weed free. Depending on your program, we see your lawn seven or ten times per year. During our visits, we make certain to do a full inspection and advise you on any issues or challenges.

Even though our technicians are thorough, you get to see your lawn every day. We depend on you to let us know if you are seeing something out of the ordinary, unusual, or something that you think just doesn’t look right. Regardless if you are seeing an unusual grass, brown areas, thin turf or “weeds”, making us aware of any issues as early as possible allows us to tackle them head on in a timely fashion. Often we can give you the advice or information you need on the phone, and a quick call will get you peace of mind. If there is something we can’t handle over the phone, we’ll set up an Agronomist visit. Remember, agronomy visits are included in your program-there is never a charge!

Another important item to remember is that we need up-to-date information on how to communicate with you. We may need to reach out to you about your lawn throughout the year, and it is vital that we have the correct contact information. Please let us know of any changes to your mobile or home phone number ASAP!

We at Virginia Green are stewards of our environment, and as a part of that responsibility we are moving to a more paperless system in our offices. Current email addresses are an integral step in that direction, so if you are unsure if we have your email address (or if it has recently changed), please get in touch with us at (804)285-6200 in Richmond, 757-258-1788 in Williamsburg, 434-975-0100 in Charlottesville and 540-903-2593 in Fredericksburg to verify. We will never sell your contact information; you are safe with us!

We want your lawn to be healthy and look its best. Remember: if you see something, say something!