October 2023 Lawn of the Month Winners

We are thrilled to announce our October Lawn of the Month winners. Thank you for the submissions that were sent with these magnificent images of your lawns. These fall lawns are looking wonderful as we enter into the winter season. Who would have thought lawns would flourish like this in the fall. Just a reminder: if your lawn didn’t get selected this month, there is always a chance next year to show off your stunning lawn and earn $75 towards a future application.

First, we have the DuVal family from Richmond, VA. The DuVal family is part of the Estate Lawn Care program and have been with Virginia Green for the past five years. With their submission they stated, “The service technicians are great and always give advance notice of when treatments will be applied. I love how thick and lush my lawn looks. I handle the mowing and trimming myself and always leave the Va Green signs in my yard for advertising as we sit right on River Road.” Your lawn is indeed looking wonderful this time of year and has such a vibrant green color. The trimming you do on your trees and shrubs looks amazing around the perimeter of your home. Keep up the great work.

Second, we have the Kennedy family from Oakton, VA. The Kennedy family has been with Virginia Green for the past three years and is on the Estate Lawn Care program. Your lawn is looking gorgeous this fall. The mowing that had just taken place really makes your lawn stand out even more. The shrubs around the foundation of your home look wonderful as well. Can’t wait to see what your lawn will look like come spring.

Third, we have the Cohen family from Midlothian, VA, who is part of the Estate Lawn Care program. With their submission, they expressed, “I have used Virginia Green for the past three years and my yard has never looked this beautiful in the 25 years I have lived here. They do an excellent job year-round and keep me informed as to when they are going to do an application. I would highly recommend them for your yard.” Thank you, Cohen family. It’s great to hear you are now loving your lawn and it’s beautiful after the 25 years you’ve been in your home. We’re happy to hear you are pleased with our services and are being informed about them prior to their performance.

Fourth, we have the Lampman family from Roanoke, VA. The Lampman family has been with Virginia Green for the past nine months and is on the Premium Lawn Care program. We’re happy to have you as a new customer. With their submission, they mentioned, “We have been customers since the spring of 2023 and signed up for your 7-point program and also aeration and seeding this fall. We have been extremely pleased with our lawn and thank you for providing excellent service. We get compliments from neighbors and strangers on our lawn all the time!!” We can certainly see why your lawn gets compliments, because it looks stunning. For you to have been a customer for only the past nine months, your lawn has undergone a huge transformation. Aeration and seeding really thickened your turf and it’s great to know you are pleased with it as well.

Fifth, we have the Bunch family, coming to us from Alexandria, VA. The Bunch family has been with us for the past two years and is on the Premium Lawn Care program. With their submission, they stated, “Immediately after purchasing this home in 2021 I started service with Virginia Green. I had service at my former home in Newport News, VA, and knew you were the right company to transform this yard into a lawn. I get compliments regularly from the neighbors and have given two of them information on Virginia Green. Thanks for helping me get the lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood!” We love that you trusted us to treat your property not only in Newport News but also in Alexandria. We love the transformation of your lawn in just two years, and we greatly appreciate the referrals you have sent this way. We know your lawn is the envy indeed!

Sixth, we have the Levine family from Newport News, VA. The Levine family has been with Virginia Green for the past four years and is on the Premium Lawn Care program for their Zoysia lawn. With their submission they said, “When I retired from the Army, my retirement gift to myself was a new, beautiful lawn. I had Zoysia sod installed 5 years ago and have loved it ever since. I love how lush and luxurious it is, as do all the neighborhood dogs! We welcome all the dogs into the yard to run and play. I don’t ever worry about them damaging it, because it’s so incredibly tolerant of the roughhousing. I also love that when the summer heats up, my grass gets greener while other lawns die out. I could go on and on about my lawn…and so can my neighbors!” Levne family, your lawn speaks for itself, and we love it too. Thank you for your service to our country and we’re happy to know you take pride in your lawn—just like we do. It’s incredible to know your lawn is the dog lawn within your neighborhood. We know a great lawn is a dog’s best friend.

Now, we have the Raab family from Moseley, VA. With their submission, they informed us, “I’ve been with Virginia Green for about two years on the Estate Lawn Care program. I am so pleased with Virginia Green; monthly instructions on the best watering plan to keep my lawn lush and green even in the unrelenting heat of the summer. My lawn is in direct sun for the majority of the day and here we are in October with stunning emerald green grass.” Emerald green lawn indeed. We love to hear your lawn has been able to withstand the summer heat with your watering practices you have implemented, and we love to hear you love your lawn. The sun and heat didn’t stand a chance.

Eighth, we have the Thornton family from Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA. The Thornton family is on the Estate Lawn Care program and with their submission they said, “Customer after 1 year. Great improvement. See comparison to neighbors on both sides who work in their yards constantly.” One year of consistent lawn care treatments can definitely do the trick! Compared to your neighbors’ lawns, they don’t even stand a chance.

Ninth, we have the Rose family, coming to us from Chester, VA. The Rose family has been with Virginia Green for the past two months and is on the Premium Lawn Care program. With their submission, they informed us, “We love this time of the year!” This is our favorite time of year too—when lawns begin to thrive, and the lush green colors truly stand out!

Tenth, we have the Green family from Henrico, VA, who are on the Premium Lawn Care program. With their submission, they mentioned, “Take a look at the GREENs’ lawn!! Full 2 years of treatment and WOW!” WOW is the shocked statement we had as well when we saw your beautiful lawn. With aeration and seeding done just three weeks after you took this photo, your lawn has filled in wonderfully and we are ready to see it thrive in the spring even more.

Next up we have the Krueger-Sierra family from Gainesville, VA, who is on the Premium Lawn Care program. With their submission, they told us, “We switched from our old lawn care provider to Virginia Green back in early 2023 and we have seen the difference! Our lawn looks healthy and green even in the fall season. Our family over in the UK always express their awe at our lawn, and they always ask for photos and videos. Thank you, Virginia Green! Job well done.” You’re very welcome. We’re happy to have you as new customers of ours and it’s excellent you are able to see the difference in your lawn. What a joy it is to know your family in the UK loves your lawn too. It’s certainly green, lush, and healthy and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Twelfth, we have the Pappas family from Mechanicsville, VA. With their submission, they informed us, “We have been on the Estate Lawn Care program with Fall Aeration & Seeding for two short years and our lawn is the envy of the neighborhood here in Hanover. In fact, some of our new neighbors have signed up for your services based on our terrific results. Keep up the good work! We love Virginia Green because all we have to do is keep the yard mowed and trimmed and couldn’t be happier to have your awesome team handling our lawn care needs. Thank you!” You’re very welcome, Pappas family, and we appreciate your kind words. Aeration and seeding each year continue to thicken the turf from any summer heat damage that may occur. It is surely a partnership, and with your help in mowing and trimming, we were able to have the great results you have.

Now is the Marrs family from Charlottesville, VA. With their entry, they mentioned, “We have been Virginia Green customers in the Charlottesville, Virginia, area for 9 years. We have endured a couple of challenging years recently with extended dry periods. Overall, our lawn continues to improve each and every year because of the constancy of being on the Estate Lawn Care Program. We no longer have issues with fungus during hot and humid periods. After living in our current home for 32 years I can say my lawn this year is the best I’ve ever had. All areas of our lawn are green and lush, even the problem areas that often don’t perform well. While I enjoy the extra efforts I put in to get a show-quality lawn, Virginia Green being my partner has made such a big difference. I feel pretty good that I was the first to use Virginia Green in our immediate neighborhood (Ridgefield-Forest Lakes North Charlottesville VA), and now there are a number of other families using your services.” This is amazing, Marrs family. We appreciate you all being long-standing customers. We love that in the past 32 years, this is the time your lawn has looked its best! It’s great to hear your lawn has been improving each year even though it has experienced some challenges. It really is a partnership and we both were able to handle the needs to allow your entire landscape to look great! The results definitely spoke for themselves, which is why we have more customers in the neighborhood.

Next, we have the Hager family from North Chesterfield, VA. The Hager family has been with Virginia Green for the past year and a half and is on the Premium Lawn Care program. With their submission they said, “Virginia Green was that key ingredient I was missing before having the lawn I was after. Their program is what took my yard to what it is today.” Your lawn is a lawn to be praised and looks wonderful! Such a beautiful big lot of lush, green, thick grass. Mowing patterns are exquisite.

Fifteenth, we have the Tyson family from Spotsylvania, VA. The Tysons have been with Virginia Green for the past three years. With their submission, they informed us, “I utilized all of your Spring, Summer, Estate Program, Aeration, and the monthly fertilizer/weed killers’ programs!! I love Virginia Green’s successful scientific research and proven results to ensure everyone’s lawn is beautiful!! Plus, Virginia Green solves any lawn problems! My neighbors, my family, friends, and my Church love my lawn and are using Virginia Green’s professional services! 🙂 I am even more pleased after the successful results of my recent aeration!! Extremely pleased! 🥳” We love, love, love to hear you are pleased and even more glad EVERYONE loves your lawn and is using Virginia Green services. It’s great all the services provided have improved your lawn and your aeration and seeding service really elevated it to the next level. Keep the great work going!

The Trelease family comes to us from Midlothian, VA, and is on the Premium Lawn Care program. When they sent in their submission, they stated, “I’ve been with Virginia Green for about 5 years now, and the results have been stunning. Our neighbors frequently remind us that we have the best lawn on Nashua Drive! Our lawn care guy takes great care of the yard bi-weekly, making sure to cut at its highest setting. Surprisingly, this yard does not have in-ground irrigation installed. Simple approach to watering 3-4 times weekly with yearly aeration and seeding services.” Having the best lawn on your street really means great things are happening! Consistently watering your lawn and taking the proper care each year definitely makes a huge difference in the state of your lawn. We can’t wait to see what the next five years will bring for your lawn.  

The Gregory family from Henrico, VA, is on the Premium Lawn Care program and has been with Virginia Green since 2020. With this submission, they stated, “What we love most about our lawn is that it provides a wonderful surface for our three children to play on! The thickness and deep green color in the fall are particularly pleasant!” It’s awesome your lawn is used by your entire family to enjoy and play on. What other way should it be used? 😊 Your lawn looks like a huge green carpet and the recent mowing shows the health even more. Keep it up.

Eighteenth, we have the Raskin family from Hampton, VA. The Raskin family has been with Virginia Green for the past two months and is on the Premium Lawn Care program. Thank you for trusting Virginia Green to care for your lawn. These past two months with lawn care, aeration and seeding, and lime have converted your lawn like no other. We hope you are thrilled with the stunning changes because we certainly are.

Last but not least, we have the McLean family from Henrico, VA. The McLean family has been receiving lawn care since 2018 and is on the Estate Lawn Care program. With their submission, they mentioned, “We love that our three little kids can run and play in our front yard and fall down without getting hurt—the grass is so lush and soft!” Aww. It’s great your young kids are able to enjoy and have fun on their front lawn. Your lawn definitely looks lush and soft, like you can walk on it with your bare feet. What a lawn to be proud of.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the submissions we received this month or your technician sent in pictures of your lawn. It was certainly hard to determine the winners. Sending big congratulations to all the winners and Happy Thanksgiving! If you would like a chance to be a winner next month, please send your submissions to property@virginiagreen.com. Remember to include why you love your lawn when you send your pictures.