October 2018 Lawn of the Month Winners

Lawn of the Month

We are pleased to announce the October Lawn of the Month winners. Even though the weather has been up and down these past few months, some lawns have been able to weather the storm. Thank you to everyone who submitted their lawn photos! Remember, each month is a new chance to win $75 towards future applications.

First, we have the Davis family from Chesterfield, Virginia. The Davis family has been with us for four years and is a part of the Estate Lawn Care plan. With their spacious lawn, you’re really able to see the changes that are taking place—from bare spots to great germination.

Next, we have the Palmer family from Williamsburg, Virginia. We’ve been treating their lawn for two years. With their submission they wrote, “We’ve been with Virginia Green since we moved into our new home in Ford’s Colony. They have done a great job on our Zoysia lawn!” We’re glad you’re satisfied with your lawn, and we’re always here to assist.

Third, we have the Hunter family in Fredericksburg, Virginia. This is their first year with us, and they are Estate Lawn Care customers. We love how luscious green your turf is looking during your first year!

Now, we have the LaFlamme family in Manakin-Sabot, Virginia. They have been customers for four years. We love how you took the initiative to apply mulch this fall—it will help suppress weeds, keep the soil warm in the winter and conserve water. Keep up the great work on your beautiful lawn!

Fifth, we have the Zebley family in Williamsburg, Virginia. This is their first year with Virginia Green. With their submission, they included before and after pictures and the difference they saw. They stated, “The first one shows my lawn ‘before’ Virginia Green in September 2017. The ‘after’ picture, following a core aeration and seeding last fall, is from this past Thursday. In fact, it was taken the day of my second aeration and seeding, so next spring my lawn should look even better!” This is the after—we’re happy we were able to make a difference for your lawn in just one year.

The next winner we have is the Henderson family from Charlottesville, Virginia. This is their second year as customers. They have a lush green carpet in spite of the recent weather and their photo shows the healthy and weed-free turf in their front yard.

Last but not least we have the Zinskie family from Richmond, Virginia. They are Estate Lawn Care customers and have been with us for four years. With their submission they wrote, “Just cut the grass yesterday and it looks amazing from the aeration!” We’re pleased you are satisfied with aeration and seeding this fall.

Thank you again for all your submissions and please keep them coming! Send your entries for November’s content to property@virginiagreenlawncare.com.