November 2017 Lawn of the Month Winners

Lawn of the Month

We would like to announce our November Lawn of the Month winners. We got many entries and the competition is fierce.

For our first property, we have the Lawyer family from Henrico. This is their first year with Virginia Green and they are currently on the Estate Program. With their entry, they wrote, “We put sod down last October and signed up for your Estate Plan to help it flourish. Happy to say it is doing very well!” We agree! That is a dark, weed free green.


Our next winning property belongs to the Collier family in Crozet. They are also in their first year with Virginia Green. Along with their submission, they wrote, “Neighbors walking by comment on how amazing our yard looks ALL THE TIME!!! And we always tell them that we have to give all the credit to Virginia Green!!! Our Virginia Green rep, Ben Parrott, will tell you that less than a year ago, our yard looked pretty bad…  bare spots, weeds, thin grass. Less than a year later, our lawn is thick and green, weed-free, and nearly all the bare spots are filled in. We couldn’t be happier!  Worth. Every. Penny!!” That really is a good looking yard!


Next, we have the Auburn family in Williamsburg. They are currently in their fourth year with Virginia Green. They commented with their photo entry, “Many people have told us that our yard is one of the best they have ever seen (we always give credit to Virginia Green).  We have had Virginia Green for over three years and use the Estate Program with yearly aeration and over seeding.  We try hard to keep the lawn in its best shape by leaving it long, following the recommended watering instructions and blowing off the leaves.  I want to recognize the techs that work on the lawns in the Williamsburg area – they are great!” It takes team work but that turf is really showing the efforts we both put together!


Our fourth property goes to the Fitzgerald family in Moseley.  They are currently on the Premium Program and they have been with us for 7 years! They included with their entry, “Hi Virginia Green… I know a lot of yards look good in November, but thought mine looked especially good this year.  Thank you for your help.” We are happy to help and glad to see how well the lawn is doing this time of year!


Last but certainly not least, we have the Burchett family in Chesterfield. This is their first year with Virginia Green and they are currently on our premium program. They sent a before and after picture to show how far the lawn has come. It truly is remarkable!


We want to thank all of those who submitted and to remind you to keep them coming! We are trying to pick more winners each month so we need you to submit each month. Thank you to our hard working technicians who service these lawns. If you feel you have a property worth lawn of the month, please submit a picture, your name and address to