Nice Lawns in Richmond Increase Home Value

20150429_3809_nightmuse_0006The first thing that people notice when coming to your home is the lawn. If you don’t take care of the outside of your home, one can only imagine what it looks like on the inside. A nice green area around the home says a lot about you as a homeowner. Especially if you are trying to sell your home, there are a few things to know.

Lawns vs. Home Values: The Facts in the Numbers

There are a lot of factors people consider when buying a house and it includes much more than just the house. If you want to increase the value of your home, you need to care for the lawn. Not only does it make the property look better but it can also increase the value. A horticulturist named Alex X. Niemiera from Virginia Tech found a well-landscaped home with a healthy lawn had a major impact on the price of the home. A home with good landscaping and a nice lawn increases the value 5.5 to 12.7 percent. To put it in perspective, for a $300,000 home, that is an extra $16,500 to $38,100 in value. That is a nice chunk of change just for taking care of your green area.

A nice lawn and good landscaping doesn’t just increase the home value but it decreases the amount of time that your home is on the market. A study by Aspen Environmental Companies “found that a landscaping investment is nearly always recovered and can help reduce time on the market.” Caring for the green space around your home lets a buyer know that since you care for your lawn so much, you must care for the house in such a manner.  Money Magazine states that “attractively landscaping your yard can be one of the most cost-effective ways to boost your home’s curb appeal.”

Clearly, there is a lot to be said about keeping a nice lawn and landscaping. All it takes is a little TLC and Virginia Green is here to help. With our lawn care programs, you can achieve that lush, green lawn. Call Virginia Green today to get started on increasing your home’s value by having a healthy lawn.

Source:, Virginia Cooperative Extension,