Moles or Voles?

Moles are burrowing mammals that often inhabit residential lawns. They are very common and are present in most lawns to one degree or another. Their tunneling can tear the roots of turf causing extensive damage. However, this process does aide in the aeration of the soil. These animals are insectivores, with earthworms being their main food source. None of the applications within Virginia Green Lawn Care’s programs help to control moles.

Voles are small rodents closely resembling mice. They are burrowing animals, but damage to turf is generally minimal as they tend to tunnel in grass near the edges of mulch beds. Voles feed on the roots of ornamentals causing damage to landscaped areas. Their presence is often characterized by small holes in the mulched areas serving as entranceways to underground tunnels.


The most effective way to control moles is through trapping. However, this takes practice and persistence as new moles will often continue to inhabit the lawn space. See for tips and advice on mole control.