May 2022 Lawn of the Month Winners

We are excited to announce our May Lawn of the Month winners. Thank you for your submissions this month. We had over 50 to choose from, making it very tricky! Don’t forget, if you didn’t get picked this month, there is always a chance next month to show off your beautiful lawn and earn $75 toward a future application.

First, we have the Funk family, from Henrico, Virginia. They are part of our Premium Lawn Care program and have been for about nine months now. They are extremely happy with their lawn and said, “We’ve been using Virginia Green services since we moved into the house in July, and we’ll never go back! We love the way that our lawn looks, and it is such a gift for our entire family to enjoy. We can’t recommend Virginia Green enough to anyone who asks!” Thank you for choosing Virginia Green to take care of your new home; your lawn looks amazing!

Second, we have the Andrews family from Williamsburg, Virginia. They have been a part of the Virginia Green family since the beginning of this year and were originally Grass Root customers. We are happy to hear that “Virginia Green’s efforts have helped produce your fantastically beautiful lawn.” It definitely looks wonderful in all the images that you sent of your lawn. Your trees and shrubs certainly make your lawn and home stand out!

Next, we have the Tait family from Midlothian, Virginia. They joined Virginia Green’s Premium Lawn Care program last summer. With their submission they stated, “We reworked our entire yard at the end of last summer, seeding with Pennington Rebel shaded lawn seed and bringing Virginia Green onboard to help care for our new lawn. The benefits of the excellent care provided by VG can clearly be seen. A great thing about the VG service is getting to talk with the knowledgeable technician during his visits to our home. I get great tips from him on keeping our lawn looking its best.” Tait family, your lawn looks as beautiful as ever. Thank you for showcasing to us!

Fourth, we have the Flint family from Manassas, Virginia. They also joined the Premium Lawn Care program in 2021. With their submission, they informed us, “We are in our second year with Virginia Green treating our property on the Premium Lawn Care Program. We are the first house as you drive into our neighborhood, and we now have the best-looking lawn. Angel Hernandez does an excellent job servicing us, and we consistently get compliments from our neighbors.” We can see why you get compliments on your lawn. It looks fantastic and the recent mowing patterns on your lawn will certainly help reduce soil compaction.

Fifth, we have the Hall family from Richmond, Virginia. They have been a part of the Virginia Green family for the last six years and use the Estate Lawn Care program. For anyone not yet convinced they left this note, “I get compliments from neighbors almost weekly! Thanks, Virginia Green! If you’re considering moving up to the estate program, it’s well worth it!” You heard it from them: it’s worth it and makes a world of difference for your lawn.

SNext, we have the Erdley family from Stafford, Virginia. They have been a part of our Premium Lawn Care program since 2018. With their submission, they stated, “We really enjoy the weed-free, plush green grass we have because of Virginia Green. It looks like a soft carpet and feels like it too. It’s great for the grandkids to roll around in! Virginia Green services most of the yards in our cul-de-sac, making it one of the nicest-looking in the neighborhood.” We are so happy that your grandkids can roll around and create memories in your plush lawn.

Seventh, we have the Degroot family from Henrico, Virginia. They have been a part of our Virginia Green family for the past eight years and rely on our Estate Lawn Care program to keep their lawn looking fresh. They left a note saying, “We have been happy customers of Virginia Green for years and our lawn has never looked better! We followed the recommendation of Virginia Green and treated our property for Poa annua…the result has been a lush green lawn. We couldn’t be happier with the health of our lawn and look forward to enjoying it with friends, family, and neighbors throughout the summer. Thank you!” You’re very welcome, Degroot family, and we hope you enjoy your lawn this summer. It’s a lawn worth enjoying! We couldn’t have done it without this partnership.

The next Lawn of the Month winner goes to the Hite family from Richmond, Virginia. They have been a part of our Premium Lawn Care program for the past 10 years and it certainly shows. With their submission, they stated, “We love our Virginia Green Lawn service which has made such a tremendous improvement to the quality of our lawn over the last 10 years. Our yard is like a plush green carpet. We recommend Virginia Green to all of the new homeowners in our neighborhood.” Thank you, Hite family, for sending referrals to Virginia Green over the years. Your lawn around your entire home looks wonderful!

Ninth, we have the Murphy family from Radiant, Virginia. They are a part of our Premium Lawn Care program and have been for the past year. With their submission they said, “We’ve been your customers for one year now and have been very happy with your team and with our lawn. Our lawn was very much in need of care when we contacted you and your treatments have made all the difference. Today our lawn is lush and makes a great spot for our grandchildren to run around and play with Finn, our golden retriever. This spring our neighbors called and asked how our lawn could be so green while everyone else’s lawns were still brown. We were happy to share your name with them.” Thank you, Murphy family, for the referrals sent to Virginia Green and the kind words as well. We’re happy to know that your entire family is enjoying your lovely looking lawn.

Next, is the Bickham family from Mechanicsville, Virginia, who are a part of the Estate Lawn Care program and have been for the past three years. With their submission they told us, “My husband takes great pride in keeping our lawn looking top notch, thanks to his hard work coupled with the services (estate plan) we have received for a number of years now, from Virginia Green! The curb appeal and beauty of our lawn are so beautiful and welcoming. The compliments we receive are quite frequent and welcome!” We’re glad that with your husband and Virginia Green, we are able to keep your lawn looking lush and like a green carpet!

Eleventh, we have the Brabrand family from Montpelier, Virginia. They have been a part of our Estate Lawn Care program for about a year now. Brabrand family, your lawn looks beautiful, and we are happy you chose Virginia Green to service it. Your trees and shrubs next to the perimeter of your home really make your landscape pop with its vibrant colors this summer. Keep up the great work.

Last but not least, we have the Thompson family from King George, Virginia. The Thompsons have been a part of the Virginia Green family for the past year and a half. With their submission, they informed us, “I have been using Virginia Green’s service since mid-year 2020. I love how the treatment has been along with aerating and overseeding using Virginia Green’s engineered grass seed. It brings that dark green color to the grass without seed fillers. I love it! Thank you, Virginia Green!” We love your lawn, and we hope you make plenty of memories this summer spending time in it.

Thank you for taking the time to send us your submissions this month! As always it was difficult to choose winners as the weather continuously gets warmer and your yards are getting greener! Good luck to everyone in the month of June and don’t forget to include why you love your lawn when you send in your submissions next month to