May 2021 Lawn of the Month Winners

We are so excited to announce our May Lawn of the Month winners! As always, all of your submissions were so beautiful. If you weren’t chosen, next month is another opportunity to show off your lawn. Remember, each month is a new chance to win $75 toward a future application. Congratulations to our winners and thank you, everyone, for your submissions and being a part of the Virginia Green family!

First up, we have the Valorz family from Earlysville, Virginia. Steve and Beth Valorz have been a part of our Virginia Green family for one year now. Mr. Valorz raved, “When we began with Virginia Green back in June 2020, our lawn was terrible. When we first discussed things, we mentioned we had my daughter’s wedding set for April 10, 2021. We anticipated that the rehearsal dinner would be at our home and we wanted the yard to be looking good. When you said you could do that, we did have our doubts but 10 months later it’s nothing short of amazing! Many photos were taken in the yard and the photographer commented many times how beautiful the lawn looked.” Your lawn looks gorgeous! Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding and thank you for your praise!

Next up, we have the Thomas family from Chesterfield, Virginia. The Thomas family have been with Virginia Green for almost four years now, using the Estate program. Mr. Thomas stated, “We have used your services for a number of years, and we are very happy with our estate plan. Please note the results. We are especially happy with the fact that VA Green finally got rid of the bittercress issues which plagued us for years!” We appreciate your submission and love your dark green, lush lawn!

Our next winner is the Kee family from Midlothian, Virginia, who have been with us for eight years! Mr. Kee explained, “We are longtime customers that had to kill and reseed most of our front yard last Fall to remove some areas of Bermuda grass in established turf. We are super happy with the results this spring and look forward to the growing season. Thanks for your oversight on our lawn.” Thank you, Kee family, for your commitment to Virginia Green! Your beautiful lawn must be the talk of the neighborhood!

Now, we have the Osterman family from Chantilly, Virginia. They have only been a part of the Virginia Green family for less than one year and look how great their lawn looks! It is very clear that the Ostermans take great care of their lawn through watering and mowing to Virginia Green’s expert suggestions. Congratulations, Osterman family and thank you for your wonderful submission!

Fifth, we have the Holloway family from Chesterfield, Virginia. The Holloways have been a part of our Virginia Green family since 2015 and utilize the Estate program. Mr. Holloway told us, “My Virginia Green technician (Drew Pfeil) believes my lawn ‘has what it takes to win lawn of the month.’ Hopefully you agree. I have worked very hard over the last few years to get the lawn healthy and lush. Upgrading to the estate program last summer seems to have helped.” Drew was right, your lawn does have what it takes to win Lawn of the Month! Congratulations, Holloway family!

Up next, we have the Reed family from Providence Forge, Virginia. Mr. Reed said, “We have been Virginia Green customers for the past four and a half years and are part of the Residential Lawn Care plan. Our lawn has always been a highlight of our home, and we consistently have one of the best-looking and healthy lawns in our area. A common comment from visitors is ‘I can’t see a weed anywhere!’ The grass is so deep and vibrant green that it almost glows!” We do agree, your lawn is one of the best looking out there! Thank you for your submission and being a part of Virginia Green’s family.

Seventh, we have the Stanleys from Midlothian, Virginia, who have been with Virginia Green for nine years and are a part of the Premium Lawn Care program! Mr. Stanley is doing a great job watering and the lawn looks fantastic. Congratulations to this family; keep up the amazing work. Your lawn is definitely one for the books!

Next, we are excited to share the Hines family from Spotsylvania, Virginia. The Hines family have been with us for just one year now. Mrs. Hines gushed, “What my husband and I love most about our lawn is how many compliments we get. Last week a contractor said our yard is one of the most beautiful yards he’s ever seen; we were very flattered.” Your lawn looks so green and luscious! We are so happy that you love your lawn as much as we do!

Up next, we have the Evers family from Powhatan, Virginia. They have been a part of our family for three years and use the Residential Lawn Care program. Mrs. Evers submitted this beautiful photo of their lawn and we couldn’t resist! She said, “We started with Virginia Green almost ten years or more ago with our first home in Powhatan. We moved into this house three years ago because their service gives us a weed-free, thick and green lawn.” We love the mowing pattern; it is so unique! Thank you for your submission and congratulations! Keep up the good work.

The Wong family from Chesterfield, Virginia, are our tenth winner; they have been a part of our family since 2016. Mr. Wong stated, “We couldn’t be more happy with the lawn you have helped us develop. Aside from looking great, it gives our kids and neighbors a place to play and enjoy.” We couldn’t be happier either! We love your lawn and are so glad that your children have a wonderful lawn to enjoy. Thank you so much for your submission!

Now, we have the Geon family from Midlothian, Virginia, who joined our family last year. Mr. Geon said, “We signed up with Virginia Green last year. The five previous years I tried to take care of the lawn myself with no success keeping it looking good. After Virginia Green’s treatments, aerating and seeding last year, I now get compliments on my lawn from my neighbors and strangers driving by. I am proud when I pull into the driveway and see a beautiful lawn. Our family really enjoys playing outside on a great lawn. Now I don’t have to waste my time keeping up a sub-par lawn. Thank you, Virginia Green!!” You are most certainly welcome, Geon family! Thank you!

Lastly, we have the Craze family from Chesterfield, Virginia. We just love this adorably quaint home, on the bright green lawn! Mr. Craze raved, “Just wanted to let you know that I am totally ecstatic over my lawn this year. Virginia Green has done a great job. Also just wanted to let you know that it is great to have technicians who prepare my lawn who are very knowledgeable about the treatments they apply and the suggestions they give me about my lawn.” We are totally ecstatic over your lawn too, Mr. Craze! Thank you for your beautiful submission!

All of this month’s submissions were tough to choose from, but congratulations to those families who did win! Thank you again for sending in your submissions and please keep them coming in the future! We love to know why you love your lawn; please remember to include this when you send your pictures to