May 2020 Lawn of the Month Winners

Virginia Green is excited to announce the May Lawn of the Month winners! We appreciate everyone who submitted and resubmitted a photo of your lawn. If you weren’t chosen, next month is another opportunity to show off your wonderful lawn. Remember, each month is a new chance to win $75 towards future applications.

First, we have the Olesen family from Richmond, Virginia. The Olesen family has been with Virginia Green for the past seven years. With their submission they stated, “To say that Virginia Green has made our lawn thrive is an understatement! It is the perfect place for all our family activities. We do what the technicians tell us, and it works. It’s like magic!” Your lawn indeed looks amazing and just like a green carpet as we enter into the summer. Keep up the great work.

Second, we have the Tuten family from North Chesterfield, Virginia. The Tuten family has been a part of the Virginia Green family for two and a half years now. With their submission they included, “Together VA Green and COVID-19 have made us so grateful for our beautiful yard! Each day spending time together outside on our green, healthy yard makes us happy. Our yard has become our oasis where we can distantly visit with our neighbors as they walk by. I can’t tell you how many compliments we have received since VA Green has started treating our lawn. Medicine for our lawn and our soul! Thank you, VA Green!” You’re very welcome, Tuten family. Your lawn looks amazing and we can tell why you receive so many compliments. We’re happy to hear that you have been able to enjoy your lawn more during these unpredictable times.

Next, we have the Wooldridge family from Glen Allen, Virginia. The Wooldridge family has been with Virginia Green for a year and a half now and is a part of the Premium Lawn Care program. With their submission, they stated, “I love the lush green grass we have thanks to Virginia Green. We now get lots of compliments about our yard!” Your lawn definitely looks lush this spring. With aeration and seeding done last fall, your lawn has transformed tremendously.

Fourth, we have the Freedman family from Charlottesville, Virginia. The Freedman family has been with Virginia Green for a little over a year and is on the Premium Lawn Care program. When sending in their picture, they informed us, “Our lawn looks magnificent.” Virginia Green is so happy to hear that your lawn looks great. It’s amazing how your lawn can transform in just a year.

Up next is the Mayberry family from Henrico, Virginia. The Mayberry family has been with Virginia Green for two years now. With their submission, they said, “No matter how hard my day is at work, I am always greeted with a great lawn thanks to my tag team partner, Virginia Green! I used to love cutting my lawn to have some alone time. Now my neighbors stop and talk to me about it when I am out and my kids and dog love to play on it as well.” Once you have such a beautiful lawn, it’s hard for neighbors not to stop by and tell you. Your dog looked like he was enjoying himself as well.   

Sixth, we have the Jones family from Henrico, Virginia, as well. With their submission, they stated, “We cannot say enough about the professional care and beauty that Virginia Green has bestowed on our lawn. It has never looked this good. We are constantly being told what a beautiful lawn we have. Thank you, Virginia Green.” You’re very welcome, Jones family. Your lawn is absolutely beautiful and we’re happy to hear that your lawn is one that you love.

Now, we have the Behncke family from Williamsburg, Virginia. The Behncke family has been with Virginia Green for two and a half years and is a part of the Estate Lawn Care program. With various images sent for submission, you’re able to tell that your lawn is looking great all around your home. Aeration and seeding done in the fall has helped your turf look immaculate and combat disease. The landscape of your home really suits your lawn well.

Eighth, we have the Fetrow family from Manakin-Sabot, Virginia. With their submission, they stated, “The Fetrow family of Manakin-Sabot have been Virginia Green Lawn Care customers since 2007. Your team is courteous and professional. With weed treatments and aeration and seeding, our lawn is thick and green all around the house. Thanks for helping to make our lawn so beautiful! Always referring you to others.” You’re welcome, Fetrow family, and thank you for sending referrals our way. Referrals are a great source of advertisement.

Now, we have the Papazian family from Aylett, Virginia. They have been Virginia Green customers for the past three years. They stated with their submission, “Virginia Green made me love my lawn again.” We’re thrilled that we were able to help you love your lawn again, as it’s a stunning lawn to love and goes on for miles.

Last but not least, we have the van den Berg family from Henrico, Virginia. They have been Virginia Green customers for the past four years. With their submission, they included, “We are thrilled with the way our yard is looking since we’ve been having Virginia Green treat it! We get lots of compliments from the neighbors too!! Thank you for keeping us ‘Green’!” We love your deep green lawn this spring. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you again for sending in your submissions this month and please keep them coming in the future! Remember to include why you love your lawn when you send your pictures to