May 2019 Lawn of the Month Winners

We are excited to announce the May Lawn of the Month winners! We received over 50 submissions this month. It was difficult to choose these winners, so thank you to everyone who submitted their lovely lawns! If you weren’t selected, next month is another opportunity to show off your beautiful lawn during this summer season and have a chance to win $75 towards a future application.

First, we have the O’Shea family from Midlothian, Virginia. The O’Shea’s have been on Virginia Green’s Premium Lawn Care program for six years—look at the incredible outcome. With your dedicated use of our Tree & Shrub program, your lawn is looking like a postcard! Thank you for your commitment to your lawn and partnership with Virginia Green. All of our teamwork has certainly paid off.

Second, we have the Lemott family from Stafford, Virginia. With their submission they wrote, “This is our second year with the program and we are very pleased with the results. We consistently receive compliments on the lawn and as you can see, the lawn is lush and green.” Your lawn looks outstanding—it’s amazing what 16 months can do!

Third, we have the Aloi family from Mechanicsville, Virginia. This is their third year being a part of Virginia Green’s Estate Lawn Care program. With their submission they wrote, “Thank you Virginia Green, I love my yard. You guys save me huge amounts of time and money. My neighbors stop all the time and ask how I do it.” Between your beautiful lawn and extraordinary landscaping, your yard stood out immediately!

Next, we have the Buchanan family from Yorktown, Virginia. With their submission they wrote, “Virginia Green has serviced my lawn and shrubs for the past 3 years. My lawn has transformed from one with a bare or sparsely patched, weed-infiltrated layout to the one you see here: a beautiful, green, lush and weed-free lawn. The technicians are great to work with and thorough in their explanations of the various applications. I couldn’t be more pleased with Virginia Green.” The aeration and seeding application completed last September gave your lawn a gorgeous, lush look. We hope you continue to love your lawn as much as we do!

Next up, we have the Sweeney family from Richmond, Virginia. They have been with Virginia Green for two years on the Premium Lawn Care program. With their submission, they wrote, “My wife Kate and I purchased our first home back in 2015 and the yard needed ‘a little’ work. The first summer I killed all of whatever was in the yard and then in the fall, I committed to getting a little help from my friends at Virginia Green. It’s been a battle between shade, heat, massive rainfall, but finally my yard is looking the way I’ve always envisioned. Lush and green. I couldn’t have done it without y’all. Thanks for keeping my grass looking amazing!” Thank you, Coleman, for your kind words. We are so glad you love your lawn!

Sixth, we have the Hahn family from Keswick, Virginia. The Hahns have been with us for the past four years. With their submission, they wrote: “I don’t know when my lawn has looked so good. Front, back and sides are all very thick and green. I had always taken care of my own yard work…mowing, pre-emergence, weed control and fertilization. Though I still mow my own lawn, I trusted Virginia Green several years ago with the lawn care and fertilization. As noted from the photo, their technicians do a very thorough job and my lawn looks great all year long. Their treatment program works extremely well and I highly recommend them to everyone!” Your lawn looks beautiful this season, and your bright pink shrubs add a fun pop of color! Keep up the great work!

Seventh, we have the Alouf family from Midlothian, Virginia. Scott and Lesley have been a part of the Virginia Green family for two years now. Included with their submission, Scott wrote, “We cannot express how much we have appreciated Virginia Green. You all have done wonders to our yard. We have had service with you for 2 years now and we couldn’t be happier. The results we have seen from the time we moved in to now are unbelievable. We will continue to use you all as well as refer you to anyone we know.” Your lawn looks great as we enter the summer season, and your adorable dog loves it too!

Next, we have the Downing family from Glen Allen, Virginia. The Downings have been on the Estate Lawn Care program for 3 years. Your lawn looks stunning this season. Your bright green turf, trees, and shrubs make your shutters and door pop with color. We are pleased to partner with you and help your lawn look beautiful!

Last but not least, we have the Hichak family from Midlothian, Virginia. The Hichaks have been part of the Virginia Green family for just under two years. This month’s Tree & Shrub application gave your trees and bushes a lush, green color to compliment your gorgeous lawn. It’s amazing what a short amount of time and hard work can do!

Thank you again for ALL your submissions and please keep them coming! We have many wonderful months ahead. Remember to include why you love your lawn when you send your pictures to