May 2017 Lawn of the Month Winners

Lawn of the Month

With barefoot season in full swing, we have an abundance of entries for lawn of the month! We love seeing all the beautiful lawns. And remember, if your lawn was not picked this month, it doesn’t mean your lawn isn’t beautiful, just means you need to submit again next month!

Our first winner goes to the DeLucia family in Newport News. They are currently on our Estate program and with their submission they wrote, “I have been a customer for almost two years and my lawn looks beautiful.  In fact, I get compliments from all the neighbors on how wonderful it looks.  Two of my neighbors have signed up for Virginia Green Lawn Care because of the way our lawn looks.”


Our next winning property belongs to the Williams family in Palmyra. They are in their second year with Virginia Green and they are currently on our Premium program. They have such a beautiful lawn that they are more than happy to convince the neighbors to switch. Looking good!


The third winners belong to the Duncan family of Chesterfield. This is their fourth year with Virginia Green and they are currently on the Estate program. Their lawn sure is looking great, especially with those neat mowing patterns!

Duncan Win

Next on the winning board belongs to the Hultquist family in North Chesterfield. They are in their third year with  Virginia Green and are currently on the Estate program. With their submission, they wrote “The techs continue to keep our lawn thick, lush, and Virginia Green” Their lawn is sure looking beautiful for all the upcoming outdoor activities!

Hultquist Updated

Next we have the Mick family of Yorktown. This is just their first year with Virginia Green but things are coming along beautifully. They recently upgraded to the Estate Program and their lawn is really looking lush and green for the summer!


Last, but certainly not least, we have the Baker family of Mechanicsville. They have been with Virginia Green for six years now. They participate in our Aeration and seeding each fall and it sure shows this summer with that dark green carpet!

Baker Win

Thank you for everyone who submitted pictures for May. It is not easy job picking the winners each month. If your lawn was not selected this month, try again. Also, thank you for the technicians who service these properties. It is really a team effort from all parties.