March 2017 Lawn of the Month Winners

Lawn of the Month

The season is in full swing and lawns are really looking good! We had so many entries for March it was hard to narrow it down. Make sure you keep the submissions coming so you can make our winners list.

Our first winning property belongs to the Martin family in Richmond. This is their third year with Virginia Green and the grass sure looks amazing! After a little aeration and seeding last fall and being on the Estate program, you can really tell how beautiful and weed free their lawn is!

Our second winning property goes to the White family in Williamsburg. This is also their third year with Virginia Green and they are currently on the premium program. With their submission, they wrote “In the twelve years I lived here this is the first time my lawn was this green! I contribute it to last month application of lime right before two days of rain!!!! Thanking “Mother Nature” and of course Virginia Green Lawn Care!!!” Their lawn is really looking lush and beautiful.

Our third property belongs to the Tuck family in Midlothian. They have been customers with Virginia Green for sometime and are now starting their 10th year! They are on the Estate program and their lawn looks like a sea of beautiful, weed free green!

Tuck Family

Our next winning property belongs to the Partner family of Palmyra. This will be their first spring season with Virginia Green. They had aeration and seeding done in the fall and it is really paying off. With their submission, they wrote “Please enter our beautiful in your next drawing. It’s NEVER looked so nice!” We agree that the turf is looking amazing!

Our fifth winning property for March belongs to the Van Riper family of Williamsburg. They are also starting their 10th year with Virginia Green. They are currently on the Premium program and their lawn is looking lush, weed free and beautiful!

Riper Family

Our last but certainly not least winning property belongs to the Jackson family of Richmond. They signed up with Virginia Green early this year and their lawn is already looking great! They are on the Estate program and their lush, green lawn is really booming. We love to see results like this!

Jackson Family

As always, the winning properties will each receive a $75.00 credit toward a future service with Virginia Green, and their technician will also receive a gift card for their efforts. If you feel that your lawn is worthy of the title Lawn of the Month simply send us an email to with a current digital photo attached. Please be sure to provide us with your name, address and phone number and we will do the rest. Keep those submissions coming!.