Lawn Disease and Our Estate Program

It’s that time of the year where temperatures outside are rising and lawn diseases need to be prevented.  Disease is prevalent during moist/humid, hot weather. Brown patch, also known as Rhizoctonia and Sclerotinia (“dollar spot”) are most active when grass remains wet and temperatures reach low to mid 70s overnight.

If your lawn gets dark and appears to have water-soaked looking grass, turning into brown circular areas, several inches in diameters – then it has been struck with disease.  In addition, blades may have irregular ash gray lesions with a dark brown margin running along one side. Although some green leaves may persist within the patch, and the roots remain intact, disease is still prevalent.

estate program

Our Estate Program protects your lawn from disease. Not only would you receive all of the same applications that you have now, but you would also get four additional fungicide applications during the summer months. Fungicides are best utilized as a preventative measure before disease becomes active in the lawn.

If disease is already active, the fungicide application can immediately halt the progression of disease, and protect the lawn from further damage for up to 28-32 days.  To qualify for the Estate Program, your lawn should be well established and you must be committed to watering properly.  If you qualify, now would be the time to upgrade.

Call our office now to obtain the information that you need to protect your lawn.  Your lawn is an investment to your home.  Like all investments, make sure you invest in the right place.