Winter Treatments for Spring Lawn Insects

Here at Virginia Green, we are applying winter treatments now to prevent spring lawn insects. There aren’t many pests in our landscape that are active in the winter, but we can take steps now to reduce their activity in the spring.

Removing Leaves Helps Prevent Lawn Pests

I always recommend for homeowners wanting to rid their trees and shrubs of pest insects, is to clean the beds. High weed populations and thick leaf litter provide ample Insect Controlhabitat for overwintering insects and their eggs. Weeding the beds and removing the leaf litter once it has fallen from your deciduous plants can have a noticeable impact on plant pest populations come spring.

Kill Pests With Horticultural Oil

One of the ways we keep bugs off of our customer’s plant material in the winter is to apply horticultural oil on susceptible plants. Our target with this application is over-wintering insects, sucking insects and scales that hang out on the undersides of leaves and on the branches of trees and shrubs. The oil suffocates active insect populations and can desiccate egg masses, reducing their viability. Because of some plant species sensitivity to oil, we are sure to inspect and properly identify those species that are susceptible to the targeted pest and treat them accordingly.

Questions and Scheduling Treatment

Please feel free to contact one of our plant health care specialists should you have any other questions or concerns about treating your plants in the winter.  Want to learn more about our tree & shrub program, get a free quote and more information online, or call one of our local offices:  (804)285-6200 in Richmond, (757)258-1788 in Williamsburg, and (434) 975-0100 in Charlottesville.

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