June 2021 Lawn of the Month Winners

As we approach the middle of July, we are thrilled to announce our LOM winners! The submissions this month were outstanding and made it challenging to choose. However, next month is just around the corner, so get your new submissions in early! Winners receive a $75 credit that can be applied to a future application and a Lawn of the Month sign to be displayed in their lawn. Without further ado, Virginia Green’s June Lawn of the Month winners!

Up first we have the Ingal family from Henrico, Virginia. They have been with us since the fall of 2014. Mr. Ingal says, “Beautiful Zoysia during summertime.” We really admire the Ingals’ lawn because of their warm season grass! Great job on your lovely lawn!

Our second winner is the Jaeger family from Charlottesville, Virginia, who have been with us since summer of 2019. Mr. Bill Jaeger, who now has the Estate program, raved, “Virginia Green has made our lawn the best it’s ever been. Up until I started using Virginia Green a couple of years ago, I had always done all my own lawn maintenance. I was doubtful that Virginia Green could do a better job than I had been doing, but I was very much mistaken. You guys are great!” We so appreciate your praise, Mr. Jaeger, and congratulations on your gorgeous, green lawn.

Next, we have the Walker family from Glen Allen, Virginia. They have been on our Estate program for almost a year now! Mr. Walker said, “What we love most about our lawn are the compliments we receive from our neighbors, seeing its lush green glow from the morning room and its soft texture between our toes.” Well, we agree with your neighbors; it doesn’t get much better than this!

Fourth, we have the Reidmiller family located in Chester, Virginia. The family have been our customers for a full year now! Mr. Reidmiller said, “The lawn was nothing but weeds before starting service with you all last spring. The lawn has totally transformed and is looking great.” We think it looks great as well, with such a beautiful deep green turf.

The Harris family of Haymarket, Virginia, are up next. They have been with Virginia Green for just a few months and look how amazing their yard already looks! “Love my Virginia Green lawn! Thick and green and weed free!,” exclaimed Mr. Harris. Continue to keep up the great work on your lawn. We love how your lawn is weed free this summer.

Then we have the Williams family from Chesterfield, Virginia, who have been on our Estate program for just over two years now. Mrs. Williams shared, “We love our yard! Virginia Green has done a great job. They do their part and we do ours. Great teamwork. We really appreciate our service technician – Drew!” It looks like you are doing an amazing job as well, Mrs. Williams. Thank you for your praises.

Another of our gorgeous winners is the Schuler family of Midlothian, Virginia. The Schulers have been utilizing Virginia Green’s services for over four years now. Mr. Schuler praised, “I am so happy with Virginia Green, I enjoy cutting my grass again! It is very welcoming as you drive up our driveway. We love to sit on our front porch and just admire the lawn. Looks great! Thank you!” The beautiful green color, along with the wonderfully executed mowing patterns, has produced a one-of-a-kind lawn! Great job, Schuler family!

The next winner is the Tuthill family located in Hanover, Virginia, who have been customers of Virginia Green for two years! “I built this home and moved in 3 years ago this month. The yard and landscaping have come a lonnnng way in that short amount of time! Would not have been possible without Virginia Green, and some sweat equity along the way! Those stripes are on point… have always wanted a lawn that would do that!” declared Mr. Tuthill. We agree, those stripes are on point and the before and after photos you sent over where amazing.

Next, we have the Hood family from Chesterfield, Virginia. The Hood family have been on the Estate program for just over a year now. Mr. Hood said, “We love our lawn because Virginia Green does a fantastic job at keeping our lawn green and healthy. Our technician is very helpful in giving us tips and suggestions. We have noticed our neighbors beginning to take better care of their lawns because ours looks so good. We take great care in ensuring our lawn always looks its best and are very proud of it. Thank you, Virginia Green!” You are very welcome, Mr. Hood; enjoy your beautiful, lush lawn this summer!

The Kelley family are our next winner, located in Newport News, Virginia. They have been a customer of Virginia Green since the summer of 2016. The Kelleys utilize the Premium Special Lawn Care program to treat their beautiful Bermuda grass. This warm season grass is looking amazing during these summer months. A beautiful vibrant green color.

Following is the Lewis family of Quinton, Virginia, who utilize our Estate program. They have been with Virginia Green since 2012! It is clear that they take great pride in and care of their lawn. Mr. Lewis stated, “Thank you Virginia Green for your work on helping us get the June 2021 Yard of the Month by the Five Lakes Civic Association in Quinton, Virginia.” You’re very welcome and now you’re Virginia Green’s June LOM winner as well.

Last but certainly not least, we have the Beaudoin family from Chesterfield, Virginia. They have been our customer since 2017 and are now on the Estate program. Mr. Beaudoin explained, “After switching to the Estate plan, we’ve not experienced issues with fungus and the grubs and beetles haven’t been a problem for our ornamental plants around the yard. We get to focus more time on gardening and other projects without worrying about the multiple applications that our yard was constantly needing.” That is great to hear. Let Virginia Green take care of your lawn so you can focus on the things that you love!

Congratulations to our winners! Thank you to everyone who provided submissions this month. If you were not chosen, please email us at property@virginiagreen.com for another chance to win next month! Within your submission, please provide photos of your front lawn, along with why you love your lawn!