July 2021 Lawn of the Month Winners

The time has come to announce our July Lawn of the Month winners! It was no surprise when we received such beautiful lawn entries this month! We would like to congratulate our winners, who will receive $75 off their next service and an honorary LOM yard sign. If you weren’t chosen, next month is another opportunity to show off your lawn. Remember, each month is a new chance to win $75 toward a future application.

First, we have the Goodwyn family from Chester, Virginia. The Goodwyns have been our customers for five years and they couldn’t be happier with the Estate Lawn Care program. Mrs. Goodwyn stated, “This summer our lawn looks so much healthier, greener and luxurious than in previous summers. We have received compliments from family, friends, and neighbors alike. In fact, neighbors agree that we have the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood. Thank you, Virginia Green, for your technical and professional expertise and for always making us feel that you care about the health and appearance of our lawn.” Thank you, Goodwyn family, for your continued support of Virginia Green. Your lawn looks outstanding!

Our second winner is the Buckley family from Chesterfield, Virginia. The Buckley family has been a customer for two years and is on the Estate Lawn Care program. With their submission they stated, “We have been using Virginia Green for almost 2 years and the results speak for themselves. I enjoy having a well-manicured lawn to come home to!!” Your lawn indeed is looking amazing and is the perfect lawn to see every day.

Third, we have the Stark family from Williamsburg, Virginia. The Stark family has been a part of the Virginia Green family for two years and recently made the switch to the Estate Lawn Care program. With their submission they stated, “This photo was taken 3 weeks into this past dry spell. No lawn irrigation, just a portable sprinkler and my lawn looks great.” It’s great that your lawn was able to withstand the recent heat. Continue to water your lawn as needed.

Next, we have the Atkins family from Colonial Heights, Virginia. This family has been a customer with Virginia Green for a year and a half and is a part of the Premium Lawn Care program. Mrs. Atkins informed us, “This is our yard that my husband and I are so proud of.” Mrs. Atkins, you should be extremely proud of your lawn. It looks great and it’s amazing what a year can do for your lawn.

Up next is the D’Angelo family from Alexandria, Virginia; they were a part of the Premium Lawn Care program and recently switched to the Estate Lawn Care program. With their submission they stated, “We have been with Virginia Green for one year. This time last year our lawn was brown and full of weeds. We cannot believe the beautiful transformation and our new lawn brings us so much joy!” Your lawn has definitely been transformed. We’re happy to hear that your lawn brings you so much joy. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sixth is the Gallo family located in Midlothian, Virginia. With their submission they stated, “We’ve been Virginia Green customers since 2016 and we couldn’t be happier with the service we get. My only issue is how long it takes to cut my lawn because people are always stopping me to say how fantastic it looks. When they ask what my secret is, I always tell ’em it’s Virginia Green!” Your lawn is looking fantastic and thick this summer. Your mowing patterns definitely make your lawn stand out.

Now, we have the Berwinkle family from Locust Grove, Virginia. The Berwinkles are a part of the Estate Lawn Care program. With aeration and seeding done to your lawn last year, these two services have provided a beautiful, lush, bright green lawn for your family to enjoy.

Eighth is the LaRue family from Richmond, Virginia. The LaRues have been Virginia Green customers for a year and are on the Estate Lawn Care program. Mr. LaRue shared, “The lawn was in bad shape before going on the program last year. It quickly got back into good shape. In mid-July, turf still looks like this which is rare for us.” The mowing patterns and your lawn look perfect. Keep up the great work!

Ninth, we have the Stewart family from Hayes, Virginia. With their submission they stated, “We purchased our new home in April and have been a customer since May. We really appreciate everything that Virginia Green does for us and the technician notes! It really makes keeping a yard like this as easy as possible! We are proud to be a customer and a homeowner with this program!” Virginia Green is  happy to have you as a customer, Stewart family. We’re pleased to know that the technician notes have been extremely helpful to the success of your lawn.

Tenth, we have the McNicholas family from Moseley, Virginia. The McNicholas family has been with Virginia Green for the past three years and is on the Estate Lawn Care program. With their submission, they stated, “We love what you’ve done with the lawn — it’s thick like carpet and weed free! The curb appeal the lawn gives the house is eye-catching.” Your lawn is for sure eye-catching and weed free this summer. Don’t know how anyone can miss it!

Last but not least, we have the Amiss family from Midlothian, Virginia. The Amiss family has been our customer for a full year now and is on the Estate Lawn Care program. The family also utilizes Virginia Green’s Tree and Shrub services to keep their entire lawn looking in tip-top shape! Your lawn is beautiful and deep green. Your landscape is amazing to see! Congratulations.

Sending a big congratulations to all of our July winners! We are so proud to be a part of their beautiful achievements. If you would like a chance to be a winner next month, please send in your submissions to property@virginiagreen.com. Make sure to include a front lawn photo and the reason why you love your lawn! Thank you to everyone who made a submission this month; we can’t wait to see who wins in August!